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Why you should buy this wireless blood pressure monitor

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The Omron Evolv showing an example reading.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If there’s anything that we already knew that Covid made more obvious than ever, it is that being forced to leave the home to get healthcare basics taken care of is a real pain. Have a no-touch forehead thermometer? Join the millions that got one just for making it through Covid! It was a logical solution to an important problem of the era.

What doesn’t make sense to me, or the people at Omron, is why blood pressure readings haven’t been given the same level of care and interest that temperatures are. There’s rarely a list of killers, and this goes perhaps doubly so here in America, that doesn’t include heart disease or some other heart issue. Plus, there’s dozens upon dozens of medical conditions and medications that can alter blood pressure.

So, what to do about it? Consider grabbing a portable Omron Evolv BP7000 blood pressure monitor, an easy way to take your own blood pressure at home so you can stay on top of your own health care needs.

Actually easy blood pressure

There’s always been something a bit mysterious about taking blood pressures to me. In the most traditional way, nurses deftly use two fingers to find a pulse, stare at the ticking of their watch’s second hand for a bit and do some pumping and pressure release throughout. Then, at the end, there’s what I always imagine as “blood pressure calculus” being applied to spit out the familiar two-number value.

While my brain has likely taken the fear of the unknown to exaggerate the complexities of the procedure, there are no doubts that it is more complex than what we want to do ourselves. With the Omron Evolv BP7000 we don’t have to. It uses the same wrap and squeeze technology of the sit down machine your familiar with from your local grocery store’s pharmacy, but does away with the big booth and hard chair. The Omron Evolv BP7000 does it all — wrap, squeeze, and calculate blood pressure — from the comfort of your own chair and with the ease on a single touch. You won’t find wires, hoses, or any other attachments on your Omron Evolv BP7000. Instead, you’ll find a comfortable wrapping adequate for 9″ to 17″ arms and a beautiful OLED display powered by four included AAA batteries.

In addition to the systolic and diastolic pressure readings that make up your blood pressure, the Omron Evolv BP7000 also measures your pulse and checks for an irregular heartbeat while you’re at it. It’s truly an easy machine that makes understand your heart’s health just that much easier.

Yesterday’s medicine, today’s technology

The Omron Evolv BP7000 being easily usable in your own home is nice, but that alone isn’t enough to break headlines in 2023. We want smart features, bonus health info, apps, and more. Fortunately, Omron delivers.

Using the same Bluetooth technology that connects your wireless headphones to your smartphone, the Omron Evolv BP7000 is able to pair up with your favorite iOS or Android device via the free OMRON Connect app.

In the app, you’ll be able to set up multiple user profiles and store as many reading as you want per person. You can get your data emailed to yourself or the medical institution of your choice. But why should your doctor trust the output of the Omron Evolv BP7000? The Omron Evolv BP7000 has special body movement detection that makes sure you’re doing it right, because improperly gathered data is often worse than no data at all. Naturally, your doctors will want to take their own readings, but having a consistently checked baseline can give them otherwise impossible to know insights into the real health of your heart.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade you home health game to something more than a thermometer and a first aid kit, why not pick up a Omron Evolv BP7000? They’re available now at Best Buy via the link below and are a totally affordable way to increase your home healthcare convenience game.

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