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Yes, smart dumbbells exist, and they’re 20% off for Prime Day 2022

Today's Best Prime Day Dumbbell Deal

A woman wearing pink leggings, blue trainers and a black vest top works out with the Piepeiegg smart dumbbell set in pink.

Prime Day is finally here, and some of the best Prime Day deals have landed. Our pick of the bunch is this PIEPEIEGG Smart Dumbbell set. Normally $60, you can grab this Prime Day dumbbell deal today for just $40, — which means you could also get some more fitness gear while you’re at it.

This Prime Day dumbbell deal isn’t going to hang around forever, so if you fancy adding some smart dumbbells to your workout routine, snap it up now!

Why you should buy this smart dumbbell set

Stay fit on the go with the PIEPEIEGG Smart Dumbbell Set. Perfectly portable, each of the two dumbbells measures just 8.2 inches high by 2.2 inches wide, so you can throw them in your bag for that gym workout or even get in some extra upper-body exercises at the office or on holiday.

A good pair of dumbbells is as essential to your workout as a pair of the best running headphones are for your morning run, but these 2.5-pound pink dumbbells are far more than just a stylish workout accessory — they’re also smart. Use them to sculpt your arms, tone your back, or strengthen your upper body and core. The soft, smooth silicone construction reduces friction and protects your hands, so they’re comfortable to grip and won’t irritate your skin.

Under the hood, the 180mAh battery gives you a whopping 300 minutes of continuous use, whether you’re incorporating your weights into your dance or yoga workout or just doing some tricep kickbacks. When the battery gets low, you’ll be fully charged and ready to go again in just 30 minutes. If you’re into your fitness metrics, you could buy one of the best fitness trackers around, or you could just get these smart dumbbells. Their built-in sensor module identifies every movement you make in real time, while the built-in Bluetooth high-performance chip makes it easy to connect to the free smartphone app. There’s also a digital screen embedded in the dumbbell that offers you a choice of three exercise modes: Free Mode, Time Countdown, or Numbers Counted.

Speaking of the smartphone app, it’s the perfect place to check out all the data from your workout, including calories burned, time spent, and more. You can track your progress, set goals, and keep on top of all your metrics without the need for a separate tracker. The app even has free workout classes.

Since the start of the pandemic and lockdowns, more of us than ever before are skipping the gym to work out from home, and smart weights are the key to home workouts. This Prime Day dumbbell deal is ideal for those who work from home but have limited space for larger equipment like the best smart rowing machines. It’s easy to squeeze in a quick upper body workout or core session on your break, or before you get started for the day, improving your mental focus and performance at work. Plus, unlike some other smart exercise equipment that requires a subscription to work, all you need to do here is charge these dumbbells up and start your workout.

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