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Nintendo’s Poké Ball Plus goes on sale ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2019

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Amazon Prime Day is happening on July 15 and 16, offering amazing deals on Xbox consoles, video games, and other gaming electronics. To get gamers excited for Prime Day, Amazon reduced the price of Nintendo’s Poké Ball Plus, a new peripheral that helps you capture Pokémon in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! games for the Nintendo Switch.

When the Poké Ball Plus was first released online and in major retail stores, the stand-alone controller cost $50. Now the Poké Ball Plus is on sale on Amazon for $40, saving you $10. It’s not the biggest savings, but it’s way less than buying the Poké Ball Plus Bundle for $140.

How does it work? The Poké Ball Plus comes with motion control capabilities, so once a Pokémon appears, you can use the Poké Ball to try and catch the creature by simply moving your Poké Ball Plus around like you’re throwing it.

The good news is the Poké Ball is strapped to your hand, so you don’t have to worry about it flying anywhere, like toward the TV. The design of the Poké Ball Plus is really about giving you the ultimate experience as if you were catching a Pokémon for real.

You can also customize your Pokémon characters in different outfits, add fun accessories, and change its hairstyle. The large wardrobes make it fun to match outfits to yours or give them their own style.

Similar to a controller, the Poké Ball Plus has two simple buttons, one to hit confirm and one to hit cancel, and the joystick.

Once you catch a Pokémon, your Poké Ball Plus will automatically light up and vibrate in your hand, and you’ll hear sounds like the Pokémon crying. At some point, you’ll really start to think that a Pokémon is inside the device.

You also have the ability to pair your Poké Ball Plus with your smartphone so you can catch Pokémon outside. Just connect your Poké Ball Plus to the Pokémon Go app and you can play without staring at your smartphone screen.

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