8 practical tech gadgets that solve your first world problems

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First world problems are everywhere. Minor inconveniences permeate our daily lives, thriving in the absence of much larger issues. Though these small struggles are often the source of laughter and solemn reflection, the struggle is still real. We may not have the answers for world hunger or poverty, but gosh darn it we have the technology to help you get through the day.

Whether you’re always losing your keys or just hate waiting a few extra seconds before taking that hot bowl out of the microwave,  these practical tech gadgets should help end the frustration.

Tile Mate Anything Finder

practical tech tile mate

Do you find yourself losing things far too often? As fun as it is to launch a full-scale investigation into what happened to your keys, it’s only when you’re running late that they decide to disappear. With the Tile Mate anything finder, you can use an app to locate just about anything via Bluetooth tracking. Just press a button on your phone and this little tracker will start ringing, or press the button on your tile tracker to find your phone.

You can pick up the Tile Mate Anything Finder for just $25 on Amazon.

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Cable Management Sleeve

cable management sleeve

If you’re anything like me, the underside of your desk is a breeding ground for chaos. Speakers, monitors, and phone chargers unite to create the perfect storm of tangled wires. Though functionality may remain largely unaffected by the mess, that doesn’t mean you enjoy looking at it. Luckily, there are cable management sleeves to help you finally put those wires in their place.

You can pick up a 4-pack for just $15 on Amazon.

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Jackery Bolt External Battery Charger

portable battery charger

We use our smartphones constantly, so it’s no surprise that our quality of life is directly tied to battery life. Whether you’re texting, looking up directions, or just going to the bathroom, the last thing you need is to be cut off from your portal to everything. Buying a new phone is the best way to solve these problems, but if you’re looking for a more affordable solution, an external battery charger is the way to go.

You can pick up the Jackery Bolt external battery charger for just $25 on Amazon, or check out this list of our favorites.

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Heated Butter Knife

heated butter knife

Imagine the wonderful taste of warm melted butter evenly spread across your morning toast. Sounds great right? The reality is likely far less satisfying. Lumps of cold butter hastily smeared against the surface probably hits a lot closer to home for most people. A heated butter knife provides a better way to spread that yellow deliciousness.

You can pick up this awesome piece of butter tech for just $15 on Amazon or check out these other great kitchen gadgets.

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Magic Toilet Motion Activated Nightlight

magic toilet light

Abandoning the comfort of your bed in the night to grope your way to the bathroom is an arduous task. Once you get there you can either blind yourself with harsh bathroom lights or risk completely missing the bowl. A glowing toilet may seem like a frivolous bit of bathroom bling, but that soft glow in the dead of night might just be a luxury we all deserve.

You can pick up the Magic Toilet light for just $9 on Amazon.

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Porkfolio the Smart Piggy Bank

smart piggy bank

Change can be a hassle in and of itself, so putting those extra coins in a cute little piggy bank can be very helpful. How do you keep track of how much you have though? You could always dump its contents onto the counter and start sorting, but unless you have a few free hours to put towards a menial task, that isn’t the best option. This little piggy takes the guesswork out of all your piggy banking with an app to help you keep track.

You can pick up Porkfolio the smart pig for just $19 on Amazon or check out these other unnecessary smart gadgets.

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Cool Touch Microwave Bowl

Microwaves are great. The ability to heat up food almost instantly is a luxury we probably don’t deserve; however, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still come with problems. Nuking your leftovers may seem like a good idea until you burn yourself trying to remove the bowl from that stupid radiation box. With the Cool Touch microwave bowl, you can grab your food without fear of 3rd-degree burns.

You can pick up this microwave bowl for just $12 on Amazon.

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Automatic Watering Bulbs

watering bulbs

Let’s be honest, keeping a plant alive is a lot harder than you’d think. They require constant watering and have a tendency to wilt whenever they feel neglected, or are neglected. Watering takes time, though — time that could be used for much more exciting things such as Netflix or napping. These automatic watering bulbs do all of the hard work for you, just fill them water, plug it into the planter, and get back to those leisure activities.

You can pick up a 3-pack for just $13 on Amazon.

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