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Don’t wait — Prime Day means you can finally buy a GPU below list price

GPU prices are falling, and just in time for Prime Day. For the first time in nearly two years, you can buy a GPU for less than list price. And surprisingly, there are some excellent GPU deals this Prime Day on the best graphics cards, no matter what your budget is.

By far , which is 31% off. That brings the $370 list price down to only $255, which is an absolute steal. In our RX 6600 review, we called it a great, overpriced graphics card. The discount on Prime Day makes it a downright deal, selling for about the list price of an RTX 3050 — just with way more power.

AMD RX 6600 among other graphics cards.

The RX 6600 is one of the best 1080p graphics cards you can buy, and with Prime Day deals, it’s an absolute steal. It can maintain above 60 fps in most modern games; it supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing; and it comes with support for AMD’s latest software features, including FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).

If you’re looking for a lot more power, . That brings the list price of $1,430 down to $1,050 — $150 less than the base RTX 3080 Ti. Based on the testing in our RTX 3080 Ti review, it’s easily the best 4K graphics card you can buy right now.

The Zotac Gaming Amp Holo version is excellent, too. It’s slightly overclocked over the base model to 1,710MHz, and it comes with RGB lighting all around the card. That includes a long RGB strip running down the side of the card but also a unique design over the backplate that you can customize with different colors and lighting effects.

If you have a slightly larger budget,  — though, it’s expensive. At $1,360, the card may not seem like a steal, but that’s a full $1,040 off its list price. Most RTX 3090 models sell well above the suggest $1,500 list price, so if you want a cream of the crop GPU that will last for years, this is the model to pick up.

I use an RTX 3090 every day, and seeing this deal, I’m kicking myself for not waiting. This is basically a beefed-up version of the Zotac RTX 3080 Ti I recommended above, upping the ante with 24GB of memory and a larger cooler design to accommodate the RTX 3090’s massive power requirements. It’s not overclocked as high, but with the RTX 3090, you don’t need to push the card much for top-shelf performance.

With the GPU shortage pushing prices to insane levels, buying a graphics card over the past couple of years has been a nightmare; it’s been impossible to find cards (especially from Nvidia) at list price. Prime Day is a rare opportunity to pick up a card without taking out a loan, and it’s a massive payoff for those that patiently waited out the shortages.

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