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Prime Day is a great time to stock up on batteries

Prime Day is in full swing. To most people, that means splurging on some expensive electronics that would normally be just out of their price range. But there’s another way to save money during Prime Day deals — buy necessary items you will eventually have to buy anyway. Batteries are a great option here. You know you’re going to use them. You know you’re going to have to buy more. Buy them now and save some cash.

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There are great discounts on all types of batteries. Stock up on some of the best rechargeable batteries, for example. Amazon has some options that will net you up to 32% off. There are of course standard AA and AAA options with nice deals. You can grab a pack of 16 for only $7 while they’re 50% off, for example. That’ll replace all the batteries in every remote in your house. Just make sure you safely recycle your old batteries when you’re done with them. Amazon has literally hundreds of battery options to choose from.

The best portable chargers are also a good battery-adjacent purchase during Prime Day. The key is focusing on items that you know you’re going to need. Don’t get duped into buying a new TV if you really don’t need one. You’ll see a lot of shiny price tags with steep discounts on them this week. But the real savings comes from discounts on products you were going to buy anyway. Timing is key here. Buy bulk on odds and ends like batteries, and you’ll feel the savings soon enough.

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