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Need accounting help? QuickBooks Self-Employed is half off for the holidays

The holiday season is in full swing. And though you loathe to brag, your shopping game is on point. You’ve uncovered amazing deals on a myriad of coveted items – laptops, kitchen gadgets, gaming consoles. Of course, it’s also a great time to find sales on plenty of practical items. You know – the kinds of things that are necessary for responsible adulting but are decidedly less fun than, say, a new flat screen TV. And one of those items on sale right now? QuickBooks!

QuickBooks is an accounting software package, and it’s a must-have if you’re an independent contractor and entrepreneur. After all, running your own business is difficult enough. Your focus should be on tackling your actual work and generating new leads. You don’t want to get bogged down in paperwork. Thankfully, QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) is here to ease your administrative burdens. It’s like your own having your own accounting department but far more affordable and with a lot less small talk.

You’re probably wondering what exactly QBSE can do for you. Well, this cloud-based system has five key features:

1. Automatic Mileage Tracker

This feature is a godsend if you end up logging a lot of hours in the car for business trips. You can automatically (and reliably) track all of your miles with your phone’s GPS. Moreover, you can easily categorize personal and work travel as well as add trips manually.

2. Track Income and Expenses

If you’re running a business, you definitely need to know where your money is going. Thankfully, you can use QuickBooks to import transactions from your credit cards, bank, Square, PayPal, and more. The program also allows you to automatically sort all of your transactions into tax categories. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, QBSE has receipt capture as well. That means you can simply snap a pic of your receipts and link them directly to your expenses. What convenience!

3. Run Reports

This feature lets you both run and export customized reports regarding your expenses, profits, losses, and balance sheets. Perhaps more importantly, you can also track your cash flow. All of this is bound to provide you with invaluable insight into the health of your business.

4. Invoice Management

With QBSE, you can send invoices to clients and vendors straight from your smartphone. Hence, you can conduct your business from virtually anywhere. It also allows you to monitor open invoices and quickly send overdue notifications. You can even enable online payments. Get your money and get it fast!

5. Estimate Quarterly Taxes

One of the most challenging aspects of self-employment is managing your taxes. After all, you don’t have a company making automatic deductions for you every paycheck. Thankfully, with QuickBooks, you can easily figure out what you’ll owe each quarter. You can also receive automatic reminders prior to each due date. This will help you avoid late fees. Best of all, QBSE lets you organize your income and expenses for instant filing. It’s a true gift!

See QuickBooks Deal

Okay, you’re probably chomping at the proverbial bit to learn the particulars of QuickBooks current sale. Well, if you buy now, you can save 50% off for the next three months. That means it will only cost you $5/month. QBSE practically pays for itself!

But that’s not all. QuickBooks is also offering 29% off its Self-Employed Tax Bundle for the next three months. That’s right – it will only cost you $12/month. What does this get you? Combining the features of QBSE with TurboTax, this option helps you easily uncover industry-specific deductions and receive tax advice year-round. Moreover, you can quickly and confidently file your both your federal and state returns. And even set up a direct deposit for your (anticipated) refund.

Kick off 2019 on a solid business footing and take advantage of this great QuickBooks sale today!

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