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Take your beer from warm to frosty in 1 minute with this rapid beverage chiller

beverage chiller
You come home after a long day at work. You’ve been looking forward to cracking open a cold one and unwinding on your porch. But as you stare into the chilly abyss that is your fridge, you quickly realize that all you have have is a 12-pack of warm ones sitting on your counter.

At this point you have a couple of options. You can load those drinks into the fridge, wait a few hours, and get that ice cold sip you deserve, or you can resign yourself to drinking room temperature liquid like an animal. Short of having the power of ice at your fingertips, there’s not much else you can do, right? Wrong, with the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller, you don’t have to wait for hours, only minutes.

This cool little piece of tech let’s you chill cans in just one minute, and wine bottles in only six. It may sound like magic, but it’s actually quite simple. This chiller rotates your beverage while spraying it repeatedly with ice water. So all you have to do is place your drink inside, add ice, and press a button.

Worried about a carbonation explosion? The cooling process will not affect the taste or composition, nor add to the explosive nature of any carbonated beverages. An automated touch pad allows for preset times and extra chill settings, so icing your drink to perfection is quick and easy.

If you’re tired of warm beverages, or just love the instant gratification of a one-minute chill, the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller may be exactly what you need your life. You can pick one up today for $65 on Amazon after a cool 19-percent discount.


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