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Serious gamer? These Asus, Razer gaming keyboards have never been cheaper

Gaming is fun, but it can also be serious business. Competitive play demands high-end gaming accessories, and Prime Day deals give you an excellent chance to upgrade yours without breaking the bank. Among all the discounted keyboards this Prime Day, we’ve discovered a handful of mouth-watering deals, which give you the chance to upgrade your gaming rig with a top-tier gaming keyboard for less.

Interested in other gaming accessories this Prime Day? Check out our list of the best Prime Day gaming deals you can buy right now. Remember though, Prime Day ends at midnight tonight, so you don’t have long to take advantage.

Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard — $80, was $150

Razer Huntsman

Razer claims that its Huntsman keyboard is the fastest in the world, and with optical switches, it may have a claim to that crown. By blending traditional mechanical switches with optical contacts, the Huntsman shaves precious milliseconds off of even fast mechanical keyboards with more typical gaming switches, making it perfectly suited for competitive gamers looking to get an edge. It also enjoys excellent RGB lighting, easily replaceable keycaps, and a strong, quality build.

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At almost half price, this high-speed gaming keyboard is suddenly far more accessible and affordable than it’s been in a long time, making it a great gaming deal this Prime Day.

Roccat Vulkan 121 Aimo RGB Brown — $120, was $160

Roccat Vulkan

The Roccat Vulcan 121 Aimo is a gaming keyboard that stands out from the crowd. Its Titan switches employ enhanced mechanical technology for a sturdier and more accurate gaming experience, but also broader illumination. The clear housings and shallow keycaps give you an even spread in and around each key for nuanced Aimo lighting effects. Media controls are clearly defined and usable with just one hand — no function key required — and each Vulkan comes complete with an attractive and comfortable wrist rest that’s entirely detachable for when it’s not needed.

Better yet, this keyboard is 25% off this Prime Day at just $120.

Asus TUF K7 Optical-Mechanical — $97, was $121

Asus TUF K7

Another optical-mechanical board vying for the fastest gaming keyboard around, the Asus TUF K7 is a supremely comfortable and sturdy keyboard with great lighting support. It also enjoys IP56 resistance to dust and water, making sure that even if you spill your drink on it, or don’t give it the regular cleaning it deserves, it’ll still continue to serve you well. Long after you’ve forgotten that you bought it at a great discount during Prime Day 2020.

Available now with a price tag of just $97, this is the cheapest this keyboard has been for some time. Snap it up while you can, as Prime Day ends in just a few short hours.

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