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Amazon Prime Day drops deal on Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

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We’ve already shared a Prime Day deal on some of Segway’s line of electric-powered mobility products. However that’s not the only great deal out there by any means, as we also came across another on the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter that’s too good not to mention. Normally $580, Amazon has cut 46% off of the price for Prime Day.

The Metro gets great reviews. Owners praise the easy assembly and the inclusion of all the tools you need (getting you on the road in no time), and the decent battery life. Razor says you’ll get about 40 minutes of continuous use on a single battery charge, making it ideal for quick urban commutes. With a top speed of 18mph — on the upper range of scooters we’ve seen.

Unlike most of the scooters, you’ll see us talk about this Prime Day, the Metro is a sit-down model. This makes this particular scooter better suited for longer commutes, where standing the entire time might be a bit tiring. To make you more comfortable, the seat has extra padding, and the handlebars are height adjustable.

The deck of the Metro where you place your feet is made of bamboo, a nice extra touch, and you also get a removable luggage rack on the back so you have a place to store your things while on the go. A 500-watt high-torque motor gives you a bit more pick-up than your average scooter, and a variable speed throttle control allows you to precisely control your speed.

Another helpful feature is the location of the battery which is balanced in the center of the frame. From a riding standpoint, this makes riding a bit easier and more like a standard scooter since you don’t have to compensate for the added weight as much when riding, or when making turns.

The only issue we had with the Metro was its steep price — which is on the high end of available scooters of comparable speed and range. The Prime Day deal though brings the price closer to what we’d expect on the lower mid-range, and makes this particular buy a no-brainer if you’re in the market for a scooter.

Looking for more great deals on Prime Day? We are working all day and night now through Tuesday, and you’ll find all the greatest deals on our curated deals page.

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