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REI’s Winter Clearance Sale slashes prices on mountain and electric bikes

REI’s winter clearance sales are epic, with deals on many types of gear with discounts to 50% and even 60% when you shop at the REI Outlet. For 2020, the REI’s slashed prices on select electric bikes and mountain bikes up to 50%.

From REI’s wide selection of bikes on sale, we found the best discounts on electric bikes for commuting, adventure riding, and e-mountain bikes from Cannondale and Ghost. We also selected non-electric bikes, including mountain, trail, and fat-tire bikes from Cannondale and Diamond and a Salsa expedition bike. Whether you want to take advantage of REI’s winter clearance sale to upgrade to a new bike or if you want to add to your two-wheeled fleet, these seven deals can help you save up to $3,000.

Cannondale Quick Neo EQ Electric Bike – 2019 — $800 off

Cannondale Quick NEO EQ Electric Bike - 2019
The 2019 Cannondale Quick Neo EQ electric bike is equipped with what you need for commuting and light adventure riding. The Neo EQ comes with installed fenders, lights, a rack, and a  250-watt Bosch Generation 3 Active Line Plus motor paired with a 500-watt hour battery integrated into the downtube. Running on 700c WTB Exposure tires with a SmartForm C1 Alloy frame, the Neo EQ weighs 43.5 pounds.

Normally priced $4,000, the 2019 Cannondale Quick Neo EQ Electric Bike is just $3,200 during this sale. If you want Cannondale quality in a recreational road bike, take advantage of this awesome price.

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Cannondale Cujo Neo 130 4 Electric Mountain Bike – 2019 — $840 off

Cannondale Cujo NEO 130 4 Electric Mountain Bike - 2019
The 2019 Cannondale Cujo Neo 130 4 electric mountain bike runs on 27.5-inch WTB Ranger Comp tires, powered by a 504-watt-hour Shimano battery and Shimano 250-watt mid-drive electric motor. The Cujo Neo makes no secret of its readiness for tough going with a moto-style aluminum skid plate that protects the drive unit and a RockShox Recon RL fork.

Usually $4,200, the 2019 Cannondale Cujo Neo 130 4 Electric Mountain Bike is just $3,360 during REI’s winter clearance sale. If you’re looking for a Class 1 e-mountain bike , this is chance to buy a Cannondale at an attractive price.

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Ghost Hybride Slamr S2.7+ Electric Mountain Bike — $3,000 off

GHOST Hybride SLAMR S2.7+ Electric Mountain Bike
The Ghost Hybride Slamr S2.7+ electric mountain bike turns up the heat from the already hot Slamr S1.7+ model above. With an SRAM GX Eash 1×12 drive train, Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR tires, and a Shimano Steps 8000 mid-drive motor, the Slamr S2.7+ provides the traction and handling you need to get the most from your ride.

Ordinarily $6,000, the Ghost Hybride Slamr S2.7+ Electric Mountain Bike is just $3,000 for this sale. If you crave rugged performance with the components to keep going, this is an excellent opportunity to acquire an upgraded Ghost at a compelling price.

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Cannondale Trail 3 27.5/29″ Bike – 2019 — $273 off

Cannondale Trail 3 Bike - 2019
The 2019 Cannondale Trail 3 is set up for cross-country performance and mountain trail bashing. The Trail 3’s wide handlebars help with control, and the RockShox front fork one-speed a 68-degree head tube angle assists in aggressive descents.

Instead of the usual $1,365 price, REI cut the price of the 2019 Cannondale Trail 3 to just $1,092 during this sale. If you want a rugged Cannondale trail bike at an affordable price, now could be the time to click the buy button.

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Diamondback El Oso Dos Fat Bike – 2017 — $300 off

2017 Diamondback El Oso Dos Fat Bike
Want the ability to ride anywhere you want? The 2017 Diamondback El Oso Dos Fat Bike is the bike to choose for wide-open decisions. With its 26-inch by 4.5-inch Kenda fat tires gripping the surface and handling suspension duties, you can keep charging through the Shimano’s 20 wide-ranging gears.

Normally priced at $1,500, the Diamondback El Oso Dos Fat Bike is just $1,200 during this sale. If you need a bike for those times when you don’t care about getting technical, but just want to ride hard and and have fun anywhere you choose to go, this is a great opportunity.

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Salsa Blackborow Fat Bike — $609 off

Salsa Blackborow Fat Bike
The Salsa Blackborow Fat Bike is an adventure ride waiting for you and your gear to head out. Maxxis 27.5-inch x 4-inch wide tires, a carbon fork, 110-pound capacity rear rack large enough for four panniers, and three bottle mounts give you the carrying capacity for bike-packing trips on a mountain bike ready for long treks.

Normally priced at $3,099, the Salsa Blackborow Fat Bike is just $2,480 for REI’s winter clearance sale. If you want to carry along all you need for a lengthy adventure, this is your ride at a nicely discounted price.

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