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Reolink early Prime Day deals include discounts up to 48% off on security gear

Reolink Score Prime Day home security offers

Protecting your home or property starts with proper surveillance. Having a security camera or several in place allows you to record what’s happening, whether to review later or use as potential evidence. Unfortunately, most home security solutions are expensive, and you need professional help to have them installed and set up appropriately. At least, that’s usually the case unless you go with a smart home solution, like what Reolink offers in its incredible lineup of security options. Starting with the Argus 4 Pro, a 4K dual-lens battery-powered camera with 180-degree wide viewing angles, to the 4G Go Ranger PT outdoor camera with battery, there are quite a few models available. Even better, they’re on sale as part of Reolink’s early Prime Day savings when you use the Amazon discount code PD10EBDS at checkout.

Why Reolink?

Reolink Prime Day home security deals on a pedestal

Before we discuss the sale prices, let’s discuss the brand and why you’d trust it, especially when it comes to something as important as home or property security. Established in 2009, the company has since been devoted to delivering high-quality, innovative security products for consumers and business owners alike.

Above all, Reolink aims to provide accessible, convenient technologies, such as wire-free security cameras, smart interactivity, and even useful accessories, to improve the experience. Most importantly, its products don’t include features that were chopped up and offered extra at a premium, forcing you to pay for standard options that you’d find elsewhere. Instead, Reolink cameras are highly functional and include everything you’d need or want in a high-end security device, with fully capable and easy-to-use controls and viewing solutions like its mobile app with diverse local storage and no subscription fees in sight.

Early Prime Day home security deals from Reolink

During early Prime Day libations, from July 10 to July 15, prices will be the same as the actual Prime Day event, saving you up to 48% off. You can buy whenever you’re ready and don’t have to worry about missing out on other great deals that drop during the main event.

E1 Outdoor auto-tracking WiFi PTZ camera — $70, was $100

E1 Outdoor camera mounted on rooftop for home security

A more accessible and excellent outdoor WiFi security camera, the E1 Outdoor features pan, tilt, and 3x optical zoom support. Plus, it uses auto-tracking and supports people, vehicle, and pet detection, so it’s less likely to send you false alerts. It’s easy to set up and easy to hide, too, with two-way talking when you need to respond to someone on the other side. The built-in spotlights and sirens will warn off intruders.

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TrackMix PoE dual tracking PTZ camera — $119, was $180

TrackMix PoE home security camera from Reolink

The TrackMix PoE PTZ’s dual lenses can handle auto tracking and dual-view video display, one showing a panoramic view while the other showing a close-up. Thanks to both a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, that’s possible. Two night vision modes are available, too, with spotlights that can be activated to take advantage of the full-color night vision.

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Argus 4 Pro 4K 180° dual-lens battery camera — $154, was $220

Argus 4 Pro with Solar Panel mounted on roof

Hailed as the “world’s first” 4K all-day color vision and battery-powered home security camera, the Argus 4 Pro offers remarkable clarity and coverage for your home. It’s WiFi 6 ready, with smooth 4K streaming when you want to watch in real-time, with 180-degree blindspot-free views.

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Go Ranger PT 4G battery outdoor camera — $161, was $230

Go Ranger PT with Solar Panel outdoors to watch game

Meant to be more of a trail cam or wildlife cam, the Go Ranger PT offers 360-degree views while capturing precise and sharp details with 4K resolution video. The no-glow night vision won’t scare off nocturnal animals. Meanwhile, smart animal detection will help you pinpoint when a critter is nearby. Connected by 3G or 4G LTE cellular, this system remains available at all times, especially thanks to the included 6-watt solar panel, which keeps it powered up. The solar panel offers enough power during ten minutes of charging to last for a full day of use. You can use the Reolink app to watch the feed from anywhere, anytime.

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RLK12-800WB4 4K 12-Channel WiFi security kit — $392, was $560

If you want a full system for a business or large property, this is your best bet. It’s a 12-channel dual-band WiFi and WiFi-6-ready system with a 2TB hard-drive NVR and four 4K cameras. It’s expandable up to 16TB of storage, as needed. You can also add up to eight more cameras. It’s all-around protection that puts you in direct control of the entire system, with reliable 24/7 recording and local storage — nothing is stored in the cloud.

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