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Don’t walk everywhere in this summer heat — save on rideables at Best Buy

It’s hot — unbearably hot at times — but you don’t necessarily have to walk everywhere, or at all if you don’t want to. You can always hop on an efficient rideable, whether that’s a hoverboard, scooter, or some variation, at least to travel to local spots. Bikes are great too, but they can still be a lot of work — and create a lot of sweat — depending on the weather — unless you grab an e-bike! Or, you can always just hop on and go for a joy ride, especially since rideables are suitable for most ages.

Imagine the wind in your hair, a free ride around the neighborhood, or to a nearby convenience store for a delicious beverage, all without breaking a sweat. Sounds nice, right? We thought so too, and that’s why it’s a great time to call out Best Buy’s excellent selection of rideables. You can head on over to Best Buy to peruse their offers or keep reading to see some of our favorite rideables.

The best rideables at Best Buy

First, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that Best Buy has an . It will walk you through the basics of each type, from e-bikes to electric scooters, and should also introduce you to some of the most important features. While that is certainly helpful, it’s always good to see a quick list of the best options available, which is exactly what you’ll find below.

Razor Hovertrax Prizma self-balancing scooter — $270

Hovertrax Prizma for partying and riding anytime.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This hoverboard has a top speed of 9 mph and can run for up to 40 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. Even better, you can have a beautiful light show the entire time as the LED-lit wheel hubs and front bars shower vibrant hues on the road in front of you. There are two operating modes too, including a training mode and a normal mode for hitting the top speed. Why walk when you can glide?

Hover-1 Highlander Pro foldable electric scooter — $500

Hover-1 Highlander Pro electric scooter to end all scooters.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This standing electric scooter features a max speed of 15 miles per hour, and it travels up to 18 miles on a single charge. It also folds up for quick storage and easier transport, if you ride somewhere and need to hop on public transportation or into a taxi, for instance. A small display shows your current speed, battery level, and more. It also has a killer design with neon blue accents over a black frame. Scoot on, riders, scoot on.

SWFT Zip e-bike — $1,400

Swift e-bike with rider having fun at speed.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

While this e-bike does have a 19.8 mph top speed, it’s truly built for casual and relaxing rides. It can travel up to 37 miles per charge, and like most e-bikes, it has pedals built-in so you can choose your method of transport. If you’re going up a steep hill, the 500-watt motor will help. You also get six speeds to choose from, high-tread tires, and some wrenches to make adjustments to the bike. Anyone want to go for a ride?

Aventon Aventure Step-Over e-bike — $2,000

Aventon Aventure e-bike ridden at night.

E-bikes offer the best of both worlds, because you can pedal and use them like a traditional bike, and then rely on the electric motor for inclines, tough terrain, and beyond. You can also just kick on the motor and go for a casual ride if you don’t want a workout. That’s what this rugged Aventon e-bike will do for you with its tough front suspension fork, fat tires, and an absolute beast of a design. It comes in three styles and has a backlit LCD to show you speed, charge, and much more. You can also plug your phone into it via USB or sync with the Aventon app. It has a top speed of 28 miles per hour and a 45-mile range on a single charge.

Segway Go Kart Pro — $2,000

Segway Ninebot Go Kart Pro for speedy rides.

If you want to experience some impressive acceleration, this go-kart is where it’s at. You may even recognize the name Segway, as they’re well-known for the unique scooters they offer. It can reach a max speed of 23 miles per hour and has a 15.5-mile max operating range. Perhaps most welcome is the immersive engine sounds simulator that produces a realistic sound, like a gas go-kart using built-in Bluetooth speakers. There are four driving modes too, including a safety mode with a max speed under 5 mph for younger drivers. Grab one and you’re ready to coast.

Again, it’s worth mentioning that Best Buy has an excellent selection of rideables across a wide variety of brands and transportation types. If you don’t see anything on this list that satisfies your need for speed, you can check out what else they have!

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