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This Ring Alarm Black Friday bundle deal is worth every dime

Home security has never been easier, or more affordable, than it is now thanks to this Ring Alarm Black Friday deal. You can now get this five-piece bundle for just $120, down from $200 and a savings of $80 while the offer lasts. Even if you search through all of the best Black Friday deals out right now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better discount than this — and no one can deny that it’s money well spent.

When it comes to your home and the people who live in it, there is no such thing as being too careful. Ring Alarm’s home security kit makes it easy to keep your home safe, and with this massive discount, it’s now cheaper than ever. Read more about it below, and make sure to shop quickly — such deals are usually gone quickly, so this bundle will sell out fast.

Today’s best Ring Alarm Black Friday deal

Ring Alarm
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Why buy:

  • It’s fully DIY and can be mounted with no tools required
  • Ring Alarm sends notifications to your phone whenever doors or windows are opened
  • It’s compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, and other Ring products
  • The loud 104-decibel siren keeps your home extra safe

Keeping your home safe and sound just got a lot easier thanks to this Ring Alarm five-piece home security bundle, available now at Best Buy for $120, which is $80 off its regular $200 price. Equipped with motion detectors, contact sensors, a range extender, and a simple keypad, this security kit will alert you of any unwanted activity inside your house. This device, once mounted, sends notifications to your phone or tablet whenever doors or windows are opened. It also keeps track of motion within your home, ensuring that nothing slips past it. When disarmed, it’s unobtrusive, takes up next to no space, and it simply waits until the next time you need to head out.

While the entire bundle can be controlled through your smart device of choice, it comes with a keypad attached that lets you request help if it’s ever necessary. As it utilizes both electricity and the internet to run, you may be worried about what happens in the event of a power outage, but rest easy: Ring Alarm equipped this device with both a 24-hour backup battery and a 104-decibel-loud siren that goes off if anything happens. Regardless of the circumstances, your home is just that much safer when it is protected by such a trustworthy range of devices.

Installing the Ring Alarm is easy peasy and can be done with next to no tools — you certainly won’t need to call a professional to set it up for you. The manufacturer attaches a handy owners manual to ensure that any person, technically inclined or not, can set this up in their home. Ring Alarm is compatible with both Android and Apple devices, and it can also be controlled by Amazon Alexa. You can pair it with other Ring products, so buying the base kit can just be the first step to further expansion. We talk more about the various attachments in our review of the Ring Alarm Pro. Rest assured that you don’t need any add-ons to use this home security kit, though, so jumping on this smart-home Black Friday deal is never a bad idea. It will serve you for years and give you peace of mind even when you’re away from home. Get it now for $120, a Black Friday savings of $80 off its normal $200 price.

Should you shop this Ring Alarm Black Friday deal or wait until Cyber Monday?

When it comes to products such as this Ring Alarm home security bundle, there are plenty of reasons not to delay and wait until Cyber Monday. First of all, there’s no telling whether the price will drop on Cyber Monday — in fact, it’s quite unlikely. You’re already saving almost half of this product’s value thanks to the $80 discount. There are other factors to keep in mind, too, such as various supply chain problems that affect the stock levels of many retailers. It’s better to shop now while supplies last rather than wait and hope that Cyber Monday will knock a few extra dollars off the price.

Shopping early is not a risk at all: most of the Best Buy Black Friday deals come with an extended holiday return policy that ensures you can always change your mind if a better deal comes around. Buying this product now ensures you won’t miss out on a fantastic sale, but it doesn’t force you to commit to it if you happen to change your mind.

Lastly, there is also the question of security. Why wait another day when your home could be safe and sound as soon as a couple of days from now? This Ring Alarm security bundle is easy to install and so affordable, so there is really no reason to wait any longer. Don’t risk that it will be snapped up by other shoppers, and protect your home now while the discount lasts.

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