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Black Friday: These Roborock smart vacuums and mops are smartest of the bunch

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Cleaning is a necessity unless you want your home to get unbearably filthy. It’s even more important when you have pets because they shed, track dirt and mess everywhere, and, well, they are animals after all. Let’s not even get started on kids. You’ll be finding cereal bits under furniture, between cushions, and sticky messes all over the floor and carpets. But while cleaning may be a necessary part of life, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it all yourself. In fact, with these excellent Roborock Black Friday deals, you can get the help you need and recover some of your precious time. How? Smart vacuums and mops will do a lot of the cleaning for you. Or, if you prefer to do it yourself, something like the Dyad will make the entire process faster. Check out the deals below to learn a little more! They are some of the smartest vacuums and cleaning devices that Roborock offers.

Roborock E5 mop and robot vacuum cleaner — $200, was $360

Roborock E5 robot vacuum and mop uses smart navigation to avoid obstacles.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Available in black or white, this affordable combo is both a mop and vacuum cleaner in one. As if that weren’t intelligent enough, the OpticEye dual gyroscopes help it navigate the home and around obstacles while remaining aware of the sections already cleaned. It has 2,500 pascals of suction power to ensure strong cleaning, and it can cover up to 1,600 square feet in one charge while holding all the debris thanks to the 180-milliliter dustbin. Oh, and did we mention the app and voice controls with Alexa support? Normally $360, you’re getting the E5 Mop for $160 off with this deal.

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Roborock Dyad cordless wet and dry vacuum — $315, was $450

A Roborock Dyad cleans up spilled cereal on a hardwood floor.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re not fond of leaving the cleaning up to a robot but would still love a little support — and we don’t blame you — the Roborock Dyad should be your first choice. It’s a wet and dry vacuum with dual self-cleaning systems and adaptive cleaning modes. You’ll also get voice alerts and visual indicators that a section or area is clean. But what does all of that mean? You can run over spills, like cereal, with one device. It cleans wet and dry messes with ease, and the adaptive cleaning support adjusts water flow to ensure nothing sticky is left behind. The agile cleaning head adjusts up to 180 degrees too, so you can get under furniture, in corners, around crevices, table legs, chairs, and other obstacles. Normally $450, the Dyad is $135 off with this offer.

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Roborock S7 robot vacuum and mop — $410, was $650

Roborock S7 cleaning a dirty floor with pup nearby.
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Offering one of the smartest and most advanced robot vacuums bar none, the S7 is both a mop and vacuum, but what sets it apart is the sonic mopping technology. Using 3,000 vibrations per minute, the sonic mop system uses the power of sound to clean messes more efficiently, cleaning stains like mud and coffee with ease. You also get 2,500 pascals of powerful suction, up to 180 minutes of cleaning on a single charge, and VibraRise mop-lifting tech that ensures the mop and brushes won’t get your carpets or rugs wet and soiled. Normally $650, the S7 is $240 off with this deal.

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Roborock S7+ robot vacuum and sonic mop with auto-empty dock — $680, was $950

Roborock S7+ cleaning floor with autodock in background.
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This bundle includes the Roborock S7 with an auto-empty dock. The vacuum can clean and mop for up to 120 days without needing attention. Even then, you only have to empty the dustbin in the dock, as it auto-empties the vacuum bin and dirty water compartments. Also worth noting is the auto-lift mop, multilayer air filtration, LiDAR navigation for intelligent movement, real-time mapping, and more. Normally $950, this deal knocks $270 off the price.

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