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Keep it simple: These ROKit phones are perfect for kids and seniors

Smartphones are pretty awesome and are only getting better, and while they’ve all but replaced old-school mobiles, simple phones continue to persist on the modern market. Even if you can’t live without your smartphone (or maybe because you can’t live without it and are looking for a cure), it’s easy to see the appeal of classic cell phones: They’re dead simple, easy for children and seniors to use, and are a great way for parents to give kids their first phones while limiting screen time and avoiding unwanted internet dangers.

These dumb phones, like the ROKit One series, are also supremely affordable – not to mention much smaller and more pocket-friendly than today’s smartphones which seem to keep growing bigger with every new release. They’re a great alternative to touchscreen mobiles for kids, seniors, and anyone else who could use a break from attention-consuming smartphones, and at $35 to $40, these dual-sim ROKit One mobiles would even make for good travel or backup phones without breaking the bank:

ROKit F One

ROKit F One

Although most of us have moved on, many people still harbor a lot of nostalgia for the old flip phone. If you miss them, too, then the good news is that they’re still making them, and the new ROKit F One is a fine example that stays true to the classic clamshell design. The 2.4-inch LCD display flips up to reveal a generously-sized set of keys, and its dual-sim capabilities mean you can use it on two GSM networks at once (which is ideal for international travelers).

The F One also features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and you get a free year of unlimited international and domestic outbound Wi-Fi calling via the ROK Talk app. Still better is the price: The ROKit F One 3G flip phone comes in at just $40. Even if you’re not looking to go “cold turkey” on your smartphone, the F One would make for a perfect travel, backup, or emergency kit phone.

ROKit One

ROKit One

For something that’s even more basic than the F One’s clamshell design, check out the standard ROKit One. This would be a good alternative to the flip phone for careless kids or those with limited hand dexterity as it removes the hinged screen altogether, making this design a little simpler and more durable.

The ROKit One features the same specs as the F One, right down to the 2.4-inch LCD display, 512MB of storage (expandable to 32GB with a MicroSD card), rear-facing camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and dual-sim capabilities for 3G GSM networks. As with the F One, you also get 12 free months of outbound Wi-Fi calls with ROK Talk, although the ROKit One is even cheaper at just $35 from Walmart.

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