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Save $400 on Samsung’s 32-inch 4K gaming monitor for Prime Day

Today's Best Samsung 4K Monitor Prime Day Deal

Samsung's new Odyssey G7 comes with a flat screen.

Amazon’s not your only source for Prime Day deals if you’re planning to buy a gaming monitor, because other retailers like Samsung are also offering price cuts such as this for the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K curved gaming monitor. This Samsung 4K monitor Prime Day deal is the next addition to your gaming setup for just $900, instead of its original price of $1,300.

You shouldn’t settle for a basic display if you’ve got a powerful gaming desktop, and you can enjoy significant savings during your upgrade by taking advantage of this Samsung 4K monitor Prime Day deal. There’s no telling how long the offer will last though, so if you’re already looking forward to playing your favorite games on the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K curved gaming monitor, don’t hesitate to finalize your purchase.

Why you should buy the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 gaming monitor

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K curved gaming monitor is a refresh of the Samsung Odyssey G7, which is among the best gaming monitors and best curved gaming monitors in the market. As such, there are high expectations for the Samsung Odyssey Neo G7, but it certainly has the features to exceed them. The 32-inch display offers 4K Ultra HD resolution, which enables lifelike details for the games that you play and the content that you watch, supported by Samsung’s Quantum Matrix technology with Quantum mini LEDs that boost immersion with controlled brightness and perfect contrast.

Refresh rate, which is how often images are updated on the screen, and response time, which indicates how quickly image transitions are shown, are among the most important factors when purchasing a monitor, according to our computer monitor buying guide. The Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K curved gaming monitor, with its 165Hz refresh rate, eliminates lag for ultra-smooth action, and with its 1ms response time, you can keep up with fast-paced action through precise mouse movements and blur-free frames. The monitor also features a 1000R curvature on its 32-inch display with an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio, which eliminates distractions by filling up your peripheral vision with the game that you’re playing.

While most Prime Day monitor deals focus on specifications, this Samsung 4K monitor Prime Day deal also offers style through its core lighting design with CoreSync, which offers multiple color modes that match the on-screen colors. Additionally, the best monitors will keep you comfortable even when you decide to play for several hours, and that’s possible through the ergonomic stand of the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7. You can swivel, tilt, and adjust the height of the monitor to your preferred position, and no matter how you position it, access to its ports will be easy so that you can easily switch connections with your input sources whenever that’s needed.

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