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Samsung 4th of July sale: Save on TVs, phones, appliances, and more

Prime Day 2022 Samsung deals graphic.
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Samsung has been a monolith when it comes to products; whether you want to buy a phone, a dishwasher, or a vacuum cleaner, Samsung has a little bit of everything. Luckily, Samsung has also gone on a bit of a discount spree for the 4th of July, and there are some amazing deals on pretty much everything. While there’s much too much to talk about here, we’ve taken a look at some excellent picks from each category that Samsung is offering deals in to help save you some time. Even so, we definitely encourage you to go take your own look at all of their sales since there truly is so much out there it’s hard to fathom!

What to shop in the Samsung 4th of July sale

Probably the thing most folks associate with Samsung is their home theater gear, and we’re happy to see that there are a lot of great deals to pick up in this category. For example, there’s the  which is not only gorgeous; it’s also discounted down to $2,100 from $2,600. If we’re talking about TVs, we can’t go without mentioning the amazing The Frame TV, and while there are deals on all sizes, the most substantial deal is on the , which brings it down to $2,340 from $3,000, which is a whopping $600 discount. We also can’t forget an excellent soundbar in the form of the , which granted, is a mouthful, but is also a slim soundbar and subwoofer combo which we highly recommend and is discounted to $567.

Another similar category for gamers is Samsung’s excellent 4th of July monitor deals. Probably the most interesting entry in this category is the , which is almost a standalone machine and allows you to stream some productivity software while only costing $550 rather than $700. Something that’s a bit more relevant to games is the incredible  that runs at 4k, 165Hz refresh, has too many features to list here but is discounted to $2,000 from $3,000 and constitutes one the best monitor deals, if not the best deals, from Samsung you’ll find. If that’s a bit too pricey for you, then there’s the equally excellent  that runs a WQHD resolution and can hit an impressive 240Hz, and you can grab that for $550 rather than the usual $800.

This category also includes memory storage. One option is the  going for $247 rather than $320, although it does come in 2TB and 1TB options that are cheaper. As for internal storage, the  might quite possibly be one of the best SSDs on the market that run on NVMe, and you can grab it for $144 instead of $250, although there are cheaper options for this as well.

Of course, one of Samsung’s most popular categories is its smartphones, and there are just too many great deals here to mention, but we’re going to try anyway! If you want to go for Samsung’s best smartphones, you can’t go wrong with the , which you can grab for $1710 instead of $1800 for the unlocked version, although you can get up to $900 in rebates depending on carrier and trade-ins, so you could get it as low as $900. Another great option is the , which you can grab for $650 for the unlocked version instead of $700, but you can get it as low as $570 if you go with a cellular network, which is one of the better phone deals we’ve seen. If these are a bit too pricey for you, a great option is the , which you can grab for $427 instead of $450, although if you have a trade-in you can get another couple hundred in discounts, which is pretty great for such an excellent phone.

A great thing to pair with a Samsung smartphone is a Samsung smartwatch, and there are a lot of great deals for those too. The most significant discount in this category is the  which comes with the unique Samsung rotating bezel and goes for $176 rather than $400. That’s a whopping $246 discount and well worth picking up if you want an excellent smartwatch at a great price. If you want the latest version, though, there’s the , but it doesn’t come with the rotating bezel, which is a shame, although its discounted to $382 rather than $550, which isn’t too bad.

We can’t forget Samsung’s tablet offerings, and we’re happy to say that all versions have a $100 discount, so you have a lot of choices. Our favorite pick is the mid-range  with 256GB of storage and Wi-Fi that you can grab for $430 instead of $530. If you want something a bit more budget-oriented, the  is going for $250 instead of $350, and it’s still a pretty great tablet to work with.

Laptops are also part of this category, and there are a couple of great deals here too. Our favorite is probably one of the best Chromebooks on the market, the , which comes with 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM and is not only gorgeous but also thin and light. You can grab that for $ 809 rather than $1,000, which is a pretty good deal. If you want something more substantial that can compete with the likes of the MacBook Pro, the  is amazing, and its discounted down to just $1,600 from $1,900 and is absolutely worth picking up for a powerhouse laptop.

The final category for Samsung is appliances, and these tend to be quite popular during the 4th of July, so we aren’t surprised to see a lot of deals here. With up to $1,500 in discounts when it comes to refrigerators, there are a lot of options, but our pick is the going for $1,699 instead of $2,399. If you’re looking for washer and dryer bundles, we love this , and while it’s not the cheapest option, the discounted price of $1,796 instead of $3,001 is well worth it. As for dishwashers, this  for $549 instead of $899 gives you the most bang for your buck in terms of features and quietness.

Samsung has smaller appliances on sale too. For example, this  has both Wi-Fi and voice control, which is pretty cool and goes for $329 instead of $579. As for vacuuming, we like the , which has been discounted down to $380 from $500, and if you don’t want to do it yourself, the  has a $100 trade-in credit.

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