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You won’t believe how cheap this 70-inch Samsung TV is for Black Friday 2021

The most popular Black Friday purchases are massive TVs, and they’ve been getting awesome deals since August, including Samsung 70-inch TV Black Friday deals. We’re in the peak of Black Friday sales now, so these are the best deals we’ve seen so far. Retailers have been very worried about keeping their consumer electronics stock available until Thanksgiving because of the global microchip shortage. As we inch closer to the holiday, the best Black Friday deals are starting to dwindle. They aren’t completely gone, though, and Best Buy is offering some fantastic Black Friday TV deals. The best we’ve seen today is this Samsung 70-inch TV Black Friday deal, which sees the television discounted from $750 to $600.

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Today’s best Samsung 70-inch TV Black Friday deal

The Samsung 70-inch Class 7 Series 4K TV in a living room.

Why buy:

  • Crystal processor for deep blacks and rich colors
  • Automatically upscales content to 4K
  • Stream content from all your favorite services
  • 60Hz display

Right now you can get this gorgeous Samsung 70-inch 4K TV Black Friday deal for only $600. That’s $150 off the sticker price of $750. It’s an enticing offer on a beautiful centerpiece to any home theater system. With the microchip shortage ongoing, we’re not sure how long this deal will stick around. Best Buy TV deals come and go quickly during Black Friday, so make sure to buy if you see something you like.

This TV would look gorgeous mounted on the wall in any living room. It’s from Samsung’s 6 Series, a modestly priced line of smart TVs, descending from the best TVs. It has a Crystal processor to give you deep blacks and rich, contrasting colors. The processor even automatically upscales all your content into 4K. It uses direct-lit tech, meaning rows of LEDs light up the pixels. This isn’t as accurate as something like QLED or OLED, but it helps keep the black sections of the screen darker than the colored sections.

Speaking of color, the Samsung 6 Series uses PurColor technology. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, PurColor uses six different color adjustment points (instead of the usual three in lower-end 4K TVs), to give you millions of different color options. It will really let the color variations in nature programs and CGI-heavy blockbusters shine their brightest. And with a 60Hz display, you can play console games at a high frame rate.

Of course, this is a smart TV. You wouldn’t want to pay a premium for anything less. Powered by Tizen, you can stream your favorite shows and movies straight from your TV via apps like Netflix and Disney+. If you want to mount your TV, this is the ideal setup. That way you don’t have any ugly wires dangling below your beautiful screen.

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Should you shop this Samsung 70-inch TV Black Friday deal or wait until Cyber Monday?

Let’s face it, this is a pretty epic deal on a 70-inch TV from one of the best brands out there — and since it’s a smart TV you can stream straight from your TV rather than relying on a separate box or games console. When you spot a deal like this we wouldn’t recommend waiting around. You’d be forgiven for wondering if there might be an even better deal coming on Cyber Monday, but don’t forget there are no guarantees this deal will still be around come Cyber Monday — you might even find this TV has sold out completely! It’s best to shop now and bag a deal if it seems too good to be true, or you could be left disappointed.

It’s also worth checking delivery dates, as they can be delayed at this time of year and you don’t want to leave things too late if you need your new TV in time for gaming and Netflix bingeing this holiday season. Or perhaps you’re picking up a deal as a gift for a friend or family member? If you wait until Cyber Monday, stock could sell out or you might not get delivery in time. If you do spot the product cheaper on Cyber Monday, you can always snap up that new deal and cancel your existing order, or return the item once it arrives, if it’s too late to cancel. Either way, it’s always a good idea to shop now for the best deals, before they finish or sell out completely!

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