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Samsung’s AirDresser is the Presidents Day deal you didn’t know you needed

A Samsung Bespoke AirDresser Clothing Care System with Steam Refresh in mirror finish in a bedroom setting.
There’s a secret to keeping your clothes always looking fresh, and Samsung’s Presidents Day deal on its Bespoke AirDresser Clothing Care System with Steam Refresh in mirror finish lets everyone know how it’s done. You may not have known about Samsung AirDresser steam closets before, but once you do, you know you need one. If that’s you, then act quickly to take advantage of this bargain, one of the best Presidents Day deals we’ve seen. You can buy the Bespoke AirDresser for $999 during this sale, saving $600 from its regular $1,599 price.

If you’re not familiar with Samsung Bespoke appliances, the concept is both simple and appealing. In the world of fashion, bespoke clothing is made for a specific customer. Samsung’s Bespoke appliances are high-end models with exclusive styling features or selections. The idea behind the sub-brand is that when you choose a Bespoke appliance, you are buying style as well as function. In a world of mass everything, the ability to suit one’s personal tastes without smashing budgets beyond help is appealing, indeed.

So, Samsung’s Bespoke AirDresser not only looks good in your bedroom closet or dressing room but it also helps you look good in your clothes. The AirDresser’s core function is to use steam to freshen your lightly worn clothing to remove minor wrinkles and, according to Samsung, to remove 99% of bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and odors at the same time.

The AirDresser fits in most standard wardrobes. No outside installation assistance is required because the self-contained unit has its own refillable water reservoir and filtering system. Three Air Hangers in the appliance use air and steam to freshen your clothing. You can also use a sanitize feature setting with a built-in deodorizing filter to fight odors from pets, smoke, sweat, and many food odors.

The Bespoke AirDresser is compatible with the Samsung SmartThings App so you can use it remotely. The system will also learn your usual usage cycles and help keep your daily style choices looking fresh. Additional features include an internal heat pump to help dry wet clothing, and a drying sensor that saves energy. In addition to the freshness and cleaning features, the Bespoke AirDresser also has a mirror-front finish so you can see how good your clothes look as you get ready.

So now you know the secret. If you want your clothes to look great every time you venture out of the house, or even for remote office video calls, this deal is hard to pass up. Save $600 on Samsung’s Bespoke AirDresser Clothing Care System with Steam Refresh during this Presidents Day sale when you buy it for just $999, a $600 savings off the normal $1,599 list price.

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