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Walmart discounts Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds (again)

Now that you’re working from home, it’s important that your workspace is armed with the right equipment. If you’re engaged in a lot of video calls and web meetings, make sure to get a pair of quality headphones. While basic headphones should work well enough, you can upgrade the experience by going for true wireless earbuds instead. There are no cords to untangle or restrict your movement and no bulky headbands to make you uncomfortable. After all your work is done, you can even use them to rock out with your favorite tunes or lend them to your kids for some multimedia consumption. Right now, you can bank on savings as we’ve gathered here amazing Samsung Galaxy Buds and AirPods deals happening at Walmart.

Samsung Galaxy Buds – $108, was $130

The Galaxy Buds are the predecessor of the new and mighty Galaxy Buds+. Despite being older, however, this model is still a great pick for anyone on the hunt for a reasonably priced pair of true wireless earbuds. Digital Trends recommends them for their great battery life, ergonomic design, and amazing sound performance.

For design, Samsung gave the Galaxy Buds a lightweight and compact profile complete with rubber ear fins and soft runner ear tips to provide a very solid fit and impressive seal. They also carry an IPX2 rating which means they can survive the rigors of a sweaty workout. All these features make the Galaxy Buds some of the most comfortable earbuds we’ve tested, suitable for go-anywhere, do-anything performance.

The impressive seal of the Galaxy Buds allows you to experience the full force of their sound quality which includes warm bass and low-mid response as well as impressive highs. They perform well in a variety of music genres, and in fact, sound as good or even better than the more expensive models from Apple and Jabra. Sound profiles can be tweaked so they match your preference by simply adjusting a range of equalizer modes. You can also make use of the app-based customizations that let you assign a function on the earbuds’ touch-sensitive surfaces, such as skipping tracks and changing the volume.

From looks to performance, the Samsung Galaxy buds serve their purpose well. The best part? They cost less than the offerings from reputable brands like Apple, Jabra, and Sennheiser. Order the black version now for a sale price of $108.


Apple AirPods with Charging Case – $139, was $159

Apple AirPods
Riley Young/Digital Trends

Apple fans on the hunt for true wireless earbuds don’t need to look any further than the AirPods lineup. This model may not be the best but its stable wireless connection and range alone still beat much of the competition. They are also built with Apple’s new H1 chip which means a whole new range of improvements compared to the previous generation. Upgrades include lower gaming lag, faster connection for calls, and the “Hey, Siri” feature.

If you’ve heard the original AirPods or even the wired EarPods, then you’ll know how this model sounds. Sure, they don’t offer premium audio quality, but you can nonetheless expect smooth instrumentals with soft and pleasant warmth, along with clear treble and midrange and powerful bass. They are also designed to sit gently on the ears to let in a fair amount of ambient sound. This means less intrusion from unwanted background noise all while keeping your ears comfortable even after prolonged usage.

Apple claims that these AirPods can deliver up to five hours of battery life on a single charge. Combined with the included charging case, they can provide a total of over 24 hours of power. Pick up a pair now on Walmart for only $139 instead of the usual $159.


Apple AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Case – $169, was $199

Apple AirPods
Riley Young/Digital Trends

One of the main reasons you’re going to want to go for this AirPods model is the wireless charging case. In addition to using the lightning cable to juice it up, you can simply slap them on a Qi-compatible charging mat and they will charge. The tiny case is estimated to provide the same amount of reserve charging of the older model, offering up to 24 hours, which still surpasses most competitors.

These AirPods come equipped with the H1 chip that delivers a faster wireless connection to your devices. This also covers major enhancements, which include beefier battery life, 50% more talk time than the standard first-generation AirPods, and quick access to Siri. Additionally, Apple said that this chip offers better call quality in windy environments by eliminating distortion.

When it comes to sound performance, these AirPods are just OK but you’ll appreciate that they offer plenty of power at a medium volume level. Bass is full and powerful, although not as tight or musical as what you’ll experience from performance-aimed earbuds. Instruments are also smoothed over for a pleasant and soft warmth, while the midrange and treble and clear.

Now’s your chance to score the Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case for less. Take advantage of Walmart’s deal and bring them home for only $169.


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