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Amazon drops rare deal on Samsung Galaxy wireless earbuds with wireless charger

samsung galaxy buds

Typically, we limit our deals posts to the outstanding deals, where you’re saving a good deal of money. However, there are a few gadgets out there that never seem to go on sale, and the Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless in-ear headphones among them. But Amazon is offering a small discount on these fabulous headphones. The Galaxy buds are the perfect companion to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Normally $130, you can grab these earbuds now for just $120 — and it’s Prime eligible, meaning you’ll get them in two days or less as long as you’re a Prime member.

We are huge fans of the Samsung Buds and gave them our Editors’ Choice award for headphones when we reviewed them earlier this year. Why do we like them so much? Even at full price, they’re cheaper than — and perform as well as — options like Beats or Apple’s AirPods. And in some ways, they’re better, you can watch our full comparison video to decide.

The Galaxy Buds fit nicely in the ear. Ambient sound mode is a cool feature that allows you to pipe in sound from the outside world, and magnify human voices to hear people talking to you over the music. And they’re sweat-proof, too — meaning sweat from your activities won’t potentially damage your buds. (By the way, Apple’s AirPods — $30 more expensive — don’t have this).

The sound quality of these headphones is also as good as those competing options, with an hour more of listening time, for a total of seven hours. While the case only will provide another six hours of playback — a little disappointing — it’s one of the Galaxy Buds’ few negatives.

Of course, we’d recommend the Galaxy Buds to those with Samsung’s line of Galaxy products. You’ll be able to charge your buds on the back of modern Galaxy phones wirelessly and manage your headphone’s from within the phone’s settings menus. It works as flawlessly as AirPods do with Apple devices.

We’re not sure how long this sale’s going to last; as we said, the Galaxy Buds don’t go on sale often. But if you’ve bought a new Samsung Galaxy smartwatch or a Galaxy Phone recently and need new headphones, the Galaxy Buds are a great buy at this price.

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