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Forget Dyson: This Samsung cordless vacuum is $200 today

Samsung Jet 60 cordless vacuum cleaner.

You cannot beat the convenience of a cordless stick vacuum for cleaning your home. The same handy appliance removes dirt, dust, debris, and spiders complete with their webs from floors, stairs, ceilings, blinds, and those hard-to-reach spaces way back under furniture and appliances. Dyson’s powerful cordless vacs are mighty impressive, but also admittedly costly, even on sale. But you can forget Dyson, the Samsung Jet 60 Fit cordless stick vacuum is on sale today for $200, an $80 savings from its $280 list price. This is one of those vacuum deals that will attract a lot of buyers and Samsung is only offering it for a limited time, so don’t delay so you won’t miss out on this opportunity.

The Samsung Jet 60 Fit cordless stick vacuum is one the Samsung Jet line of cordless stick vacuums. The Jet 60 is the lightest weight and the least costly of the Jet line, which means you easily can carry it around your house for quick cleanups and you can also get it for less — and with this deal you’ll save even more. Images of people lifting and holding cordless stick vacuums high to clean blinds, spider webs, and air vents are common, but because the Jet 60 Fit weighs only 6 pounds, you can actually hold it up for extended cleaning sessions if you want. You can’t overstate the convenience of extremely lightweight cordless vacuums, because they’re so easy to use you’ll likely find yourself cleaning immediately when you notice the need rather than putting it off for a full cleaning session. That versatility and ease of use is why cordless vacuum deals are so popular, and this lightweight powerhouse proves the point.

The Samsung Jet 60 Fit cordless stick vacuum is a good choice for most home cleaning chores. Samsung’s clog-reducing Jet cyclone design produces plenty of suction cleaning power consistently. The Jet 60 comes with a brush for both carpet and hard floors, an extended-reach crevice tool for all those tight places where dust likes to accumulate. The Jet 60’s 0.8-liter dust bin holds a lot of dust and debris and a 5-layer filtration system helps keep the air in your home cleaner. The removable battery lasts for up to 40 minutes per charge, depending on which of three power modes you select.

We don’t know how long Samsung will keep this deal open, but if you want to score 29% savings on this super-versatile cleaning appliance for your home, grab this deal before it ends. Save $80 on the Samsung Jet 60 Fit cordless stick vacuum with free shipping for just $200, not the regular $280. You can use this convenient stick vacuum in your home, garage, car, boat, or shop, so why wait?

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