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This is why you should buy a curved gaming monitor while it’s on sale

We’ll cut to the chase — if you play a lot of games, you need a curved gaming monitor. Of course, we’re all too happy to explain why a curved gaming monitor is such a good idea but if you simply want to know what’s best, you need to snap one up. Now. Now is the key because Amazon currently has a Samsung Odyssey G7 Series 32-inch WQHD gaming monitor for just $700 which is a massive saving of $100 on the usual price. This is your time to see just why curved gaming monitors are so great and at a good discount, but if you still need a little convincing, we’re on hand to help you out.

It’s important to buy a good monitor for your home setup. That’s why we’ve tackled all the complicated stuff in our computer monitor buying guide. When it comes to curved gaming monitors, they typically provide a much more immersive experience than a regular monitor. In particular, if you love playing racing games or losing yourself in first-person shooters, you’ll feel far more of the action if you’ve got a curved gaming monitor set up in front of you.

Along with that, a curved display typically provides less glare and reflection. Again, you’ll need to spend a bit of time arranging things just right for your setup but it makes a huge difference. No one wants to be distracted by pesky glare when they’re trying to beat their record, right? A curved gaming monitor helps here.

When it comes to the best curved monitors, you’re going to need something at least 30 inches in size to reap the benefits, which is why the Samsung Odyssey G7 Series 32-inch WQHD gaming monitor is such a good call. Besides being just the right size, it also offers a rapid 240Hz refresh rate which means the action unfolding on screen will never have looked so smooth to you before. With up to four times as many frames displayed on screen every second compared to a traditional screen, even browsing online will look better. Seriously.

Alongside that, the Samsung Odyssey G7 Series 32-inch WQHD gaming monitor also offers a lightning-fast response time of 1ms, plus it uses Samsung’s QLED technology for near pixel-perfect picture quality every moment. That means the games you play will look amazing while also feeling super immersive. Your gaming setup deserves a monitor like this.

Normally priced at $800, the Samsung Odyssey G7 Series 32-inch WQHD gaming monitor is down to just $700 right now at Amazon making it a super sweet deal. A regular monitor simply doesn’t cut it any more when gaming and this is going to revolutionize your playtime. Snap it up now while stocks last. Curved gaming monitors are popular property right now so you’ll need to be quick.

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