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The 120-inch Samsung 4K projector is $1000 off for Prime Day

Today's Best Samsung 4K Projector Prime Day Deal

The Samsung The Premiere projector set up in a living room.

Amazon’s big sale has arrived this week and that means Prime Day deals are coming in hot across multiple retailers. This Samsung 4K projector Prime Day deal is one of our favorite offers that have popped up today if you’re after a serious home theater projector, and it’s on sale right now for $2500, down $1000 from the usual $3500. If you’re looking to set up a high-end home cinema, then here’s why you need to give this Samsung 4K projector Prime Day deal a long look.

Why you should buy the Samsung Premiere LSP7T 4K Smart Laser Projector

Prime Day is the best time of the year before Black Friday to score the deepest discounts on high-end tech. TV deals are always hot items during this two-day sales event, but there are also a ton of great Prime Day projector deals dropping right now. This Samsung 4K projector Prime Day deal is one of them, offering a juicy discount on the Premiere LSP7 Laser Smart Projector, which is one of the best that this Korean tech titan has to offer.

The Samsung Premiere LSP7 is a laser projector with an ultra short-throw design. That means that it doesn’t throw an image across the room like many projectors do. Instead, the Samsung Premiere projector sits just inches from your wall (or similar viewing surface) and throws the image upwards, resulting in a crisp and bright 4K picture up to 120 inches in size. The laser also puts out a whopping 2,200 lumens of brightness, so you’re getting a cinema-like Ultra HD image that few projectors can really deliver.

This Samsung 4K projector Prime Day deal is a good option if you like the idea of a home theater projector but have found other models either too fussy to setup (in that they don’t integrate into your space very well) or simply unable to create a particularly good picture. And, as you’d expect from a Samsung device, the Premiere LSP7 Smart Laser Projector packs some pretty nice smart features, too. It’s loaded with Samsung’s Tizen software for streaming content libraries from all of your favorite apps, and features Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby built right in. That means you can use voice commands to control everything and easily integrate this projector into your wider smart home setup, if you have one.

For inputs, you have three HDMI connections and a USB port, and integrated speakers and a subwoofer put out pretty good sound as well (although we always recommend investing in external speakers, or at least one of the best soundbars, for true sound immersion). If you’re a serious entertainment enthusiast trying to choose the right home theater projector, then this Samsung 4K projector Prime Day deal is one of the best offers we’ve seen so far on a top-tier unit that’ll have you enjoying a cinematic experience in no time.

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