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This Samsung soundbar with wireless subwoofer is $150 off today

Samsung 2022 HW-B450 soundbar.

As the Memorial Day sales roll in, this great budget soundbar from Samsung has a nice deal when buying off of Best Buy’s website, bringing it down from $280 to $130, a little over half off and perfect if you’ve wanted to pick a soundbar up on the cheap. As you can imagine, Samsung is rather well known in the world of electronics, and even though they don’t have a specifically strong reputation in audio, their gear is always well-built, so even though it’s a budget soundbar, it’s still great.

One thing that a lot of budget soundbars lack is the deep bass that is hard to recreate on a soundbar, at least at the entry level, which can be a problem for those who especially love bassy music. Thankfully, that’s not a problem here as it comes with a wireless subwoofer, ready to pump the room full of those low notes and do it without a bunch of cables laying around. While the soundbar sadly doesn’t have any ARC ports, it is also wireless like the subwoofer, making up for the sting of not having ARC support by giving you fewer cables overall, so roughly the same outcome. Also, while not sold in this package, you can pair these with satellite speakers to turn it from 2.1 surround sound to 5.1 surround sound, which is neat for those who don’t want to spend that much now and prefer upgrading later.

As for the audio quality, it’s rather good for the cost, and while it’s not audiophile-level fidelity, most people will find the quality better than built-in TV speakers. What also helps is that the soundbar supports both Dolby Digital and DTS so you have the major surround sound standards available to you and don’t have to worry about compatibility or quality when it comes to getting a surround sound experience. Finally, if you have a Samsung TV, you can control both the TV and the soundbar with one remote, which is incredibly convenient and cuts down on having half a dozen remotes.

All in all, the Samsung HW-A430/ZA soundbar is a great entry-level soundbar, and the deal from Best Buy bringing it down to $130 from $280 means it won’t break the budget. That being said, if it’s not quite something you fancy, then we have a few other great soundbar deals for you to pick from.

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