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The Senro Fast Charging Stand charges your phone faster and is $21 on Amazon

Seneo Wireless Charging Stand cover pic
Never wait hours for a full charge again when you invest in a quick charging device. It’s not too difficult to find quick mobile chargers, but it is hard to find ones that won’t destroy your device. Cheaper models easily overheat, often wrecking both the charger and your phone. Instead, look for ones that have been thoroughly reviewed and tested to withstand excess power transfer and heat such as this Seneo Fast Charger 2 Coils QI Wireless Charging Stand, currently discounted 58 percent on Amazon.

Seneo Wireless Charging StandThe Seneo Wireless Charging Stand fully charges your phone in about two hours, which is 1.4 times faster than standard wireless charging pads. It features built-in overvoltage, under voltage, and short circuit protection to ensure your mobile phone and the charger both heat up to only safe levels. Best of all, you will never have to search for cords and clutter or desk or nightstand area with messy cables.

The four-ounce charger allows you to place your phone either vertically or horizontally to enjoy the benefits of a speedier charge. Conveniently, and different from AC charging, you can also use the phone while it is charging on the Seneo pad. The stand makes for the perfect phone holder to sit back and watch movies from your mobile device. You can also play music, make calls, or send messages without interrupting the charge. It’s designed with a curved bottom to provides a solid foundation for curved phones and decrease damage from accidental phone drops.

The charging stand has an intelligent LED indicator that displays the safety status of charging. The indicator lights up blue for two seconds when it connects to the power and then turns and stays green while charging your phone.

This model is compatible with the Galaxy 7S, Galaxy 7S Edge, Galaxy 6 Edge+, Galaxy Note, and other models using a QC 2.0 adapter.

The Seneo Fast Charger 2 Coils QI Wireless Charging Stand normally retails for $50 but is currently on sale for $21 on Amazon, giving you a 58 percent or $29 discount.

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