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Amazon Prime Day sees up to 40% discounts on Sengled Smart LED kits and bulbs

After weeks of anticipation, Prime Day is finally upon us. Amazon is opening this highly anticipated 48-hour sale with brilliant discounts on Sengled smart lighting kits and bulbs. Whether you looking to start your smart home setup or planning to expand your current system, you will find a deal that fits your needs. Get up to 40% off these smart lighting products if you order between July 15 and July 16.

Sengled Two-Pack Smart LED Daylight A19 Starter Kit – 40% Off

Plunge into the smart home world without breaking the bank with the Sengled two-pack smart LED starter kit. It includes the Sengled Smart Hub and two A19 LEDs. The 5,000K LED bulbs that come with the box provide a level of light that is similar to natural daylight.

Set up your system by connecting the Smart Hub to your network. Then, install and power on the two smart LED daylight bulbs. From there, you need to download the Sengled Home app and follow the in-app guide to complete the setup. You can also connect your smart lights to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant so you can control them using voice commands.

This Prime Day deal shaves 40% off the price of the Sengled Two-Pack Smart LED Daylight A19 Starter Kit. Get this usually $40 smart lighting pack on Amazon at just $24.

Pack of Four Sengled Smart LED Soft White A19 Bulbs – 33% Off

Expand your smart lighting set-up with this pack of four Sengled smart LEDs. These A19 bulbs can work directly with Sengled’s own Smart Hub as well as SmartThings, Wink, or Amazon devices with built-in hubs. They have a color temperature of 2,700K, giving off a soft white light. Use them to create a warm ambiance in your home.

Get the pack of four Sengled Smart LED Soft White A19 Bulbs on Amazon today at 33% less its normal $40. This Prime Day deal is only available until July 16, so place your order now.

Sengled Two-Pack Smart LED Multicolor A19 Starter Kit – 40% Off

Add color to your home with the Sengled Multicolor Starter Kit. With its RGBW LED lights, you can set the mood of any room by customizing the colors, brightness, and temperature of the light. Set them up with the included Smart Hub to control your lights using the Sengled Home app. This system can also be controlled using voice commands by connecting to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Order your Sengled Two-Pack Smart LED Multicolor A19 Starter Kit from Amazon today at just $42. This deal saves you 40% off its usual $70 but only if you order within Prime Day.

Pack of Four Sengled Multicolor Smart LED Bulbs – 35% Off

Bring color to more areas of your home with the pack of four Sengled Multicolor LED bulbs. These smart LEDs give off 16 million colors and different shades of white. Connect them with your Smart Hub or another compatible hub so you can control your lights with your smartphone. And if you have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant at home, you can command the Sengled LEDs to turn on and off, change color, and dim or brighten using your voice.

Get the Pack of Four Sengled Multicolor Smart LED Bulbs on Amazon at a discounted price of $65, saving you $35 on this Prime Day deal.

Looking for more Amazon Prime Day discounts on smart lights and smart home devices? Visit our deals page to keep posted with the latest tech deals and news.

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