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Amazon chops $80 off this Shark Ion RV720 robot vacuum

Robot vacuums have grown increasingly popular over the years that we wouldn’t be surprised if one day they’ll completely replace regular vacuums in homes everywhere. As a result, they’ve become cheaper yet even more technologically advanced. One such affordable, convenient, and high-tech robot vacuum is the Shark Ion RV720. It’s able to take care of your hardwood floors, rugs, and carpets while you attend to more important matters. You can get this trusty and helpful robot vac for a cool $80 off on Amazon. Let it take care of your floors while you take care of your family for just $270 instead of $350. And if you pay via the Amazon Prime Store Card you can get an additional $10 off instantly upon approval, cutting the cost to $260.

The Shark Ion RV720 is basically just like the Shark Ion RV750 without the Wi-Fi connectivity, although it does come with its own remote. You can use it not only to control the robot but also to schedule cleaning routines. What it lacks in wireless connectivity it more than makes up with how well it works. Featuring a self-cleaning brush roll system that’s equipped with helix-patterned high-tensile bristles, this robot vac can easily capture dirt and debris from any type of floor surface. It does really well on hard floors like tiles, wood, concrete, laminate, and even carpets, although it does struggle a bit on extremely dense ones. It also does a spectacular job in picking up pet hair and dander so if you have dogs or cats, this is a great robot vac to buy.

Even though it’s shaped like a circle as are most robot vacuums, the RV720 is quite adept at cleaning edges and corners, thanks to the two side brushes that continuously spin. This robot comes with smart and proximity sensors that allow it to seamlessly navigate your home while avoiding obstacles. And with the included magnetic BotBoundary strips, you can set up specific “no-go zones” that you want the robot to stay away from.

Aside from the remote, you can also use the buttons found on top of the RV720 to operate it. There’s the standard Clean button which allows it to pass through an area once in a straight line. For a more thorough cleaning of a targeted area, press the Spot button. Finally, this robot vacuum is capable of cleaning for over an hour at a time, which is a good 15 minutes longer than most robot vacuums. Once it’s low on juice, it will automatically return to its charging dock to recharge so it can resume cleaning.

The Shark Ion RV720 is an extremely reliable robot vacuum that cleans rigorously, navigates accurately, and vacuums longer than usual. Get it for just $270 on Amazon today.

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