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Why you should shop on Prime Day instead of Black Friday

Amazon Prime Day deals are just hours away, with some of the best discounts dropping at midnight tonight. With Walmart Prime Day, Target Deal Days, and Best Buy early Black Friday sales all arriving this week, we’re seeing more discounts in October than ever before.

But do you really want to get your holiday shopping in right now, or is it better to wait until Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Here are some of the reasons why you may not want to wait to start browsing discounts until Walmart’s Black Friday and other retailers’ deals.

You don’t have to worry about shipping dates

One of the greatest downfalls of the procrastinating shopper is that not everything on Amazon ships in two days. On top of that, the craziness of the holiday season can result in package mix-ups and delays that leave you without the gifts you ordered by the time Christmas day arrives.

Considering how 2020 has been and the fact that Amazon has already delayed Prime Day multiple times for shipping concerns, it makes sense to buy early. The main reason this sale is happening before Black Friday is to try to spread out all of those deliveries across multiple months.

You don’t have to worry about retailers running out of stock

With more people ordering products online than ever before, it’s highly likely that the hottest items are going to sell out. We’ve seen this in previous years where Nintendo Switch sales and AirPod deals suddenly disappear and people end up having to actually pay more than retail price just to get them in time.

While this could still happen with Prime Day sales this year, it seems less likely that everything is going to sell out before Halloween. And hey, if it does, you still have a chance to find another discount when Black Friday deals roll around.

You can actually enjoy your holiday season for once

Black Friday has been slowly taking over all of November for the past few years, passing over Thanksgiving like its nothing. With the year we’ve had so far and the stress of the upcoming election, wouldn’t it be nice to take something off your plate?

One of the greatest benefits of Prime Day deals is that they offer a chance for consumers to save money and get their shopping done early — something you could never do before. So go ahead, get your shopping on now and enjoy your holiday season without worrying about finding the best gifts in time for everyone.

You can save money on things you need for yourself

Black Friday’s proximity to Christmas isn’t something you can ignore. If you’re shopping in late November, chances are pretty good that you’re attempting to buy gifts for others rather than things for yourself. Amazon Prime Day deals give you a chance to do both.

Whether you’re looking for a decent laptop deal or computer monitor sale to finish your home office or just an electric toothbrush to upgrade your hygiene, there will be discounts for everything.

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