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You don’t need a gaming chair. Get this ergonomic office chair deal instead

SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair side view on a white background.

While there’s a big marketing push to make gaming chairs a big deal, the truth is that ergonomic office chairs are actually better for you and are often priced roughly the same depending on quality. For example, this Sihoo office chair is going for

The main selling point of something like the Sihoo is the ergonomic design, and more specifically, the back and lumbar support that mimics the curvature of the spine and relieves pressure from your lower back. That last bit is important, especially since we tend to sit down for several hours when gaming. Having that constant pressure in the lower back can lead to lots of issues down the road. Additionally, the lumbar support and ergonomic design lend to a much more comfortable sitting experience. So you’re getting some air with the mesh back and won’t be covered in sweat, which is a big positive. That’s why the Sihoo is one of the better gaming chair deals, even though it’s not technically a gaming chair.

It also has a pretty sturdy construction, being able to carry up to a whopping 330 pounds, which is great for those who are heavier set and need that extra support. The armrests are also adjustable to help with overall comfort, being able to move in three directions: up/down, left/right, and back/forth. There’s also a reasonably good incline of up to 126 degrees, which may not be a lot compared to some other chairs, but it is more than enough for most people. You also get a nice adjustable headrest, which is better than gaming chairs that tend to have fixed headrests.

Even though gaming-marketed furniture like gaming chairs have been all the rage recently, getting a high-quality office chair is the better deal, especially since they are made with your long-term health in mind. Of course, they do come at a slightly higher premium, but at $280, it’s well worth your health and you get to save $80 in the process. Now pair this chair with one of our gaming PC deals, and you have an excellent gaming environment to live your best life in.

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