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These are the best Sonos deals for Cyber Monday 2019

Sonos makes one of the best wireless whole-home sound systems you can buy, but the company rarely discounts its products. That’s why events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are worth noting if you’re looking to buy your first Sonos components or expand an existing system. Black Friday is over, but the deals are just as good for Cyber Monday. Here’s what we’ve found…

Sonos Beam  — $319 ($80 off)

With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, the Sonos Beam is for all intents and purposes a smart speaker that doubles as a soundbar. As with most traditional soundbars, you connect the Beam to your TV via optical or HDMI-ARC. This gives you rich and room-filling Dolby Digital sound via the Beam’s five dedicated drivers. A single, precision tweeter mounted in the center ensures that dialog is always easy to hear, even at low volumes.

As with any Sonos component, you can control it via your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and group it with other Sonos products in your home. Sonos is compatible with more streaming music services than any other wireless whole-home system, and the Beam also supports AirPlay 2, letting you hear the audio from you your video apps too. Why listen to Netflix on an iPad when it can be delivered on the Beam?

The Sonos Beam is ideally suited to smaller rooms in the house like bedrooms, even if you don’t have a TV.

Sonos Playbar — $559 ($140 off)

Looking for the full home theater experience in a single convenient soundbar? The powerful Sonos Playbar is the way to go. It has an uncanny ability to create a convincing surround-sound experience by using its six mid-woofers as a phased array — a clever trick that makes it sound like you’ve got speakers all around your room. You can place it on a surface in front of your TV or it can be wall-mounted when space is at a premium. Being the forefather to the Sonos Beam, it doesn’t feature Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, but if you own an Alexa or Google smart speaker (or a Sonos smart speaker) the Playbar can still be controlled with your voice.

Sonos Playbase — $559 ($140 off)

Sometimes you simply can’t place a soundbar in front of your TV or on the wall. In these cases, a sound base — designed to sit under your TV — is the perfect solution. That’s the Sonos Playbase in a nutshell: The soundbar for those who don’t have room for a soundbar. It offers the same room-filling surround sound as the Playbar, but with even better bass. Most people who listen to the Playbase decide they don’t need a separate subwoofer.  The Playbase is compatible with all of Sonos’ other components, and with Apple’s AirPlay 2, you can play audio to it directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Sonos Sub — $559 ($140 off)

If your existing Sonos setup is lacking in the bass department, consider adding a Sonos Sub into the mix. Because it’s wireless, you can move it from one room to another depending on your activities. Need a bigger boom for movies? Place it near your TV. Throwing a bash in the main living area? Stick the Sub under the sofa and let your guests try to spot the massive speaker that simply isn’t there. The Sub features a unique internal composition that sees two inward-facing speaker drivers mounted at the center to eliminate vibration. The result? A deep bass that doesn’t send the Sub shaking to the other side of the room like an unruly jackhammer.

But wait, there’s more …

Want to connect some floor-standing, in-wall, in-ceiling, outdoor, or bookshelf speakers to your Sonos system? You need a Sonos Amp.  It’s an all-in-one Sonos wireless component and two-channel amplifier, with enough power to run up to six speakers. If you own a turntable, simply plug it into the analog inputs on the Amp and you can listen to your vinyl in any room in the house.

The Sonos Amp and the Sonos Entertainment Sets, with everything from the 3.1 Entertainment Set to the 5.1 Surround Set are all on sale for 20% off.

If these aren’t the home theater deals you’re looking for, don’t worry: We’ve got a great roundup of Cyber Monday soundbar deals, and one of them will be just right for you. To keep up with the latest offers in real-time, follow DT Deals on Twitter. There, we share the latest offers as soon as we have finished vetting them.

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