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Smash-hit PlayStation 4 action game God of War can be yours for just $10

God of War was one of 2018’s best video games, giving the long-running action franchise a much-needed overhaul to its gameplay, visual style, story, and structure. It did this all without needing to be a traditional reboot by retaining continuity from the past games while also serving as a great starting point for newcomers. If you haven’t played it yet, it can be yours for just $10 right now for Black Friday.

Across several different retailers, including Amazon, the “Greatest Hits” version of God of War is being sold for $10. This is half off its standard price, which was bumped down to $20 when it entered the Greatest Hits line alongside games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Bloodborne.

The Greatest Hits version has a red band across the top of the box, but it is otherwise identical to the main God of War game, which didn’t receive any paid expansions after its original launch. It is going to be followed almost certainly by a sequel given not only the title’s financial and critical success but also the massive cliffhanger it ended on.

The first six games in the series, which included the original trilogy, prequel game God of War: Ascension, and the PSP games Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus, were all set in the land of Greek mythology.  God of War saw protagonist Kratos move away from this setting for the land of Norse gods, where he had started a new family and raised a son.

This son, Atreus, plays a major role in the game, accompanying Kratos on his journey to defeat a mysterious pand owerful figure and even assisting him in combat. Gone is the Kratos blinded by pure rage, instead replaced by a more reflective and compassionate god. He’s no less ferocious, however, with an arsenal of new and old weapons at his disposal, and his magical abilities allow him to take on even the most dangerous monsters.

God of War is available exclusively on PlayStation 4. Presumably, its sequel will appear on Sony’s next-generation console, the PS5, which is scheduled to launch in late 2020.

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