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Need a 4K TV? You can’t beat the quality and price of this Sony model today

Sony X900H 65 Inch TV

There is no shortage of fantastic Prime Day deals this year (or Black Friday TV deals for that matter), but we’ve been especially impressed by some of the Prime Day 4K TV deals we’ve discovered.

One deal, in particular, stands out: Amazon had deeply discounted Sony’s excellent X900H 4K TV, which you can now buy in three different screen sizes for way less than their regular prices. Depending on the size, you can save up to 36% off the regular price.

55-inch Sony X900H 4K TV — $950, was $1000:

65-inch Sony X900H 4K TV — $1000, was $1400:

75-inch Sony X900H 4K TV — $1600, was $2500:

The X900H is a unicorn in the 4K TV world because it offers absolutely top-notch picture quality at prices that are substantially more affordable than other models that offer a similarly good image.

Sony’s image processing and control over backlighting are the two ingredients that give the X900H its impressive black levels and contrast. Some QLED TVs struggle to keep the darkest parts of an image truly black, which is why OLED TVs have become so popular. But the X900H manages to achieve superb black levels thanks to Sony’s local dimming algorithm, which our reviewer says is “the best local dimming algorithm in the business.”

Gamers who are considering upgrading to Sony’s PlayStation 5 later this year should take note: The X900H will receive an upgrade in the coming months that enable variable refresh rate (VRR). VRR is a key gaming technology and the X900H is the only Sony model in 2020 to offer it, making it the clear pick for both PS5 and Xbox Series X buyers who don’t want to spend a fortune on a gaming TV.

With Android TV on board, you not only get access to thousands of streaming apps from all of the biggest names like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu, but it also has the Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in. If you prefer Alexa, you can control the X900H from any Alexa-powered smart speaker, too.

Sony 4K TVs don’t go on sale very often and when they do, the discounts tend to be small. That makes this deal especially attractive — the discount is excellent and the X900H isn’t an older model, it’s brand new for 2020. Don’t wait, it’s unlikely you’ll see a better price on this TV before the end of the year.

55-inch Sony X900H 4K TV — $950, was $1000:

65-inch Sony X900H 4K TV — $1000, was $1400:

75-inch Sony X900H 4K TV — $1600, was $2500:

After something a bit more high-end? Don’t miss this Sony OLED 4K TV deal.

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