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This 50-inch 4K TV is only $199 at Walmart (yes, you read that right)

Black Friday TV deals are a huge part of the Black Friday deals season and we’ve found an astonishing offer among them. Right now, you can buy a 50-inch 4K TV for just $199 at Walmart. Seriously, $199! Reduced from $328, the Spectre 50-inch 4K TV is a truly fantastic deal for anyone on a tight budget. You really won’t want to miss out on this exceptionally sweet deal. Grab it now while stocks last. It’s likely to sell out fast.

At this price, the Spectre 50-inch 4K TV might look too good to be true, right? OK, so it won’t compete with the very best 4K TVs out there, but it’s still pretty good. There is a catch though — it’s not a smart TV, so there’s no streaming functionality here. Fortunately, you can just add on one of the best streaming devices and reap all the benefits for not much extra cash. You may even already own a device that will let you stream through your TV such as a gaming console.

Now that we’ve got the catch out of the way, the Spectre 50-inch 4K TV is well worth checking out if you need a TV for your kitchen, den, or, well, pretty much anywhere. If you want a TV in your bathroom, this is a great price. It offers all you could need like three HDMI ports so you can easily hook up all your devices at once, plus there’s a USB port, too. A slim, bezel-brush pattern design means it even looks pretty stylish given the price point you’re dealing with.

Normally priced at $328, this Spectre 50-inch 4K TV is just $199 right now and we can’t see you finding a 4K TV for less this Black Friday. It’s available at Walmart. Snap it up now before Walmart runs out of stock. That’s sure to happen fast as this is hands-down one of the best Walmart Black Friday deals out there.

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Here’s how you can get a free 55-inch 4K TV today (seriously)
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It's unlikely you're going to find any other TV deals that actually get you a whole TV entirely for free. However, that's exactly what Telly is offering right now. Touting itself as the "biggest thing to happen to TV", consumers can sign up to reserve a 55-inch 4K TV entirely for free. The catch? Well, there's a few of them and that mostly depends on how you feel about handing over information about yourself, as well as constantly viewing adverts alongside your TV viewing experience. Don't write it off entirely just yet though. Let's take a look at exactly how the Telly model works and check out what we know about the free TV involved.

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There's a lot to take in about Telly. To start with, it's worth paying attention to the TV involved. Simply put, we don't know the brand or whether it stems from the best TV brands or not. We're guessing not. After the Telly announcement, we talked to the Telly PR team to find out more and didn't get far. 500,000 TVs are available through the offer but Telly hasn't stated who the manufacturer is other than it's "the same manufacturers that produce may of the world’s top-of-line TV sets today." In terms of specifications, all we know is that it has a 4K resolution and HDR capability. If you're looking for one of the best TVs, this is very unlikely to be it.

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Best Buy just dropped the price of Amazon’s 50-inch 4K TV to $310
Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 4K HDR TV.

Best Buy TV deals and Amazon TV deals are usually competing for your dollar. Today, they've joined forces. Right now at Best Buy, you can get a 50-inch Amazon 4 Series TV for just $310, down $140 from its usual price of $450. Fire TV streaming is built into this device, so it's a great option for people who want a simple plug-and-play TV. It's one of the best TV deals available at either Amazon or Best Buy today, so snatch it up soon.

Why You Should Buy the 50-inch Amazon 4 Series 4K TV
Perhaps somewhat expected, Amazon did start building its own TVs, and one of the most significant changes between its TVs and other brands, is that it includes Amazon's own Fire TV streaming platform built-in, complete with Alexa support. That means you can use both your Fire TV remote and Alexa to search for content, control playback, and interact with smart home devices connected through Alexa. You can also check the weather, sports scores, and much more. Think of the TV as more of an entertainment and smart information hub, as opposed to just a panel you can watch shows and movies on.

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Walmart sale means you can get a 75-inch TV for under $500
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If the two factors you care about the most when buying a new TV are size and price, we have the deal for you. This 75-inch TV from Onn. is down to only $498 at Best Buy after an $80 discount. Getting a massive TV for under $500 is nothing to turn a blind eye to. Onn is a staple brand in our list of the best TVs under $500, and this is one of the best 75-inch TV deals we've seen this month. Grab it before Best Buy ends the sale.

Why you should buy the Frameless 75-inch Onn 4K TV
If you want a big TV, you're probably not simply subscribed to the idea that bigger = better. Instead, you may have much more sophisticated philosophy that bigger screen = better. The Frameless 75-inch Onn 4K TV understands. On this TV, the edge bevel is practically eliminated to give you the maximum quantity of screen possible. A slender strip at the bottom and just enough edge to keep the screen affixed to the TV is all that stands in your way of 100% screen vision.

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