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How Spectrm’s conversational marketing automation will help your business thrive

Personalization is the key to winning customers in today’s hyper-virtual and almost exclusively digital world. From social media to websites, customers prefer messaging, and they like it, even more, when that messaging is tailored to them. In fact, research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when the experience they have — or are having — is personalized. It can be attributed to how much time consumers spend on digital and social channels, browsing from their phones and in a more intimate setting. They expect buying experiences to be relevant, instant, effortless, and empathetic to their needs.

One of the best ways to deliver these kinds of experiences is through natural messaging channels, be it on social networks, or display ad networks. However, businesses cannot just deploy an army of representatives to cover those channels and deliver communications on-demand, 24/7. Representatives can’t offer the type of interactive, media-rich experiences that automation can. Automation, or more specifically chatbots, is really the only solution then. Inherently, however, chatbots are difficult to get right. You want a more conversational tone and a system that engages with the consumer and presents a more human-like character. You want interactive conversational commerce or lead generation experiences that guide your customers to take action. Spectrm not only has such a solution available, it offers highly optimized conversational intelligence tools that also make every datapoint actionable. What does that mean? Instead of merely engaging with consumers, Spectrm enables you to identify their preferences, understand their intent, recommend products in real-time, segment and retarget them with push notifications, and even optimize your funnel based on data you collect in chat.

Let’s dig a little deeper to understand what that all means.

A conversational marketing automation platform to engage today’s digital consumer

Woman using her phone to chat with a brand via Spectrm.
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Not to be confused with a customer service or live chat solution, Spectrm is designed to automate customer acquisition, at scale. It can be deployed on the biggest channels where customers spend their time: search, social and display. This creates seamless messaging experiences where your customers want to message you. The main goal is to help you discover, identify, and engage with customers in real-time, leading to higher conversions, and it’s all done using chatbots or conversational marketing that’s highly personalized. Conversations are how humans on the internet and in a digital space connect with one another, yet that’s not how most marketing works. Spectrm explains it best in a video breakdown on its homepage.

The chatbots engage in personalized 1:1 conversations with your audience, at scale. You have full control over those discussions, and you can help shape how they happen, or how they are presented. For example, you can guide customers through an interactive experience, by asking questions, engaging them in a fun and interactive conversation, and then instantly recommending products or services. All in a fundamentally human way. Customers can reach out, and receive an instant response, but also they get answers that are actually relevant, helpful, and move them forward in their journeys. About 70% of incoming messages on social are pre-purchase questions before a customer buys from your brand. Spectrm’s chatbots move that process along by automating customer experiences in their moment of highest intent, then guiding that customer to purchase from you.

Supported platforms include Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, conversational display ads, and even Google’s Business Messages on Google Search or Maps. What’s more, no coding is required, allowing you to prototype and optimize your bots without engineering resources — a marketer’s dream. You can also launch your bots as soon as they’re ready, with support from a dedicated onboarding specialist. Facebook may have achieved more humanized chatbots in recent years, but they’re nothing like this, and they’re certainly not as easy to put together or deploy.

Do Spectrm’s marketing chatbots get results?

Woman in cafe chatting, via Spectrm.

Brands are already utilizing Spectrm’s platform and chatbots to improve customer experiences, and with phenomenal results! Telekom saw a 9x conversion lift vs their website traffic campaigns in a key growth demographic after deploying Spectrm’s chatbots, and quickly! It even learned about millennial buying habits and interests in the process, and used it to improve their conversion rates. Another brand, CoppaFeel, launched a conversational health assistant called the Boob Bot via Facebook Messenger with Spectrm. The plan was to increase awareness about breast cancer and encourage younger audiences to conduct regular boob checks. As a result, the team saw a 3x ad recall lift, and a 30% action intent lift with a 22% subscription rate boost. Other brands realizing the benefits of Spectrm’s chatbots include Ford, Renault, Purple, Virgin Media, Omio, Deichmann, and more. They make a difference, and customers love them.

There’s no commitment to get a demo, and it’s one of the best ways to preview how the chatbots and Spectrm’s platform will work for you. If you’re on the fence, or just want a unique example of the chatbots in action, getting a demo is the way to go. You’ll be connected with an expert to discuss use-cases, learn more about the platform, and have your questions answered.

Isn’t it about time you gave your customers a personalized and pleasant experience that converts them faster?

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