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Staples just kicked off a massive office furniture sale — shop it now

A bright office with multiple chairs at long desks.
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If you’re on the hunt for great deals on office furniture, you owe it to yourself and your company to check out Staples office furniture sale. This massive sale includes special buys for pretty much every category of furnishings required to set up an office in a corner of your home or to outfit an entire floor in a corporate high-rise. Whether you’re looking for office chair deals, regular desks or standing desk deals, tables, lighting, or office decor, you can save up to 48% during this sale.

What office furniture is available during the Staples sale?

Among the hundreds of special buys included in the Staples office furniture sale, you’ll find office chairs, fixed-height and adjustable-height desks, tables, filing cabinets, lamps and lighting, bulletin boards and signs, and office decor. The office furniture brands included in this massive sale include Adesso, Adesso Home, Union & Scales, Staples, and others. The discounts depend largely on the furniture category, but prices on most of the office chairs are slashed from 30% to 48%, desks from 15% to 25%, lamps and lighting 10 to 25%, and tables up to 29%.

Should you buy office furniture during the Staples sale?

We recommend that you take advantage of Staples office furniture sales if you’re looking for solid, dependable furniture that will let you get down to business. If you want fancy office furniture or you’re looking for chairs or desks that will wow your visitors, this isn’t the sale for you — although we’ll be the first to admit that some of the office chairs in this sale are pretty spiffy, and the Union & Scale powered adjustable-height desks have a cool minimalist and functional vibe we admire. If you want to pay rock-bottom prices to get away as cheaply as you can for a short duration, you may not find the price levels you want in this sale, though you owe it to yourself to give it a look. Staples is one of the largest office furniture retailers because of its quality, selection, and reasonable pricing. If you need office furniture, and you find pieces that fill your needs in this sale, don’t hesitate.

How to choose office furniture during the Staples sale

As always, you’ll want to work within your budget and buy the most important pieces first to be sure your purchases will support your office productivity. Comfortable, supportive chairs and amply-sized desks and tables — especially adjustable-height desks that let you switch from sitting to standing and back — can all play a part in helping you produce all day without ending the day with a sore back. Don’t forget lighting, too, especially if you work from home and are purchasing furnishings for a home office. Poor lighting can be a significant comfort and productivity factor when you’re trying to accomplish as much as you can regardless of other circumstances.

Here are two rules of thumb for choosing office furniture: One, buy desks the next size larger than you determine you’ll actually need. Two, pay a bit more than you have to for office chairs. Adjustable settings in office chairs can be helpful, but only if making changes are easy. If you buy an adjustable chair or desk, take advantage of the settings to end your workday feeling less tired.

We don’t know how long the Staples office furniture sale will last, and we suspect quantities will be limited on some of the items. Therefore, we suggest you check out this sale, and if you see some you must have or would like to have for your office, don’t hesitate.

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