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Get a week’s worth of phone power with the SuperTank high-speed charger

SuperTank portable charger

Portable chargers are a dime a dozen nowadays, and while they’re great to have when you’re on the move, they’re all fairly similar in terms of design. That’s because these handy devices utilize pretty simple technology: A portable charger, or “power bank,” is essentially little more than an external battery that you use to power up your phone or other mobile device when it’s running low.

Zendure, maker of the new SuperTank portable charger, hopes to shake things up a bit. Its innovative new power bank is large and fast enough to charge up even large devices like laptops (and do it quickly). There is obviously a demand for it: The SuperTank’s massively successful Indiegogo crowdfunding drive has raised more than half a million dollars so far, a whopping 1,845 percent of its original funding goal.

The SuperTank portable charger is a high-capacity power bank, capable of storage an impressive 27,000mAh of power – enough to charge up your smartphone multiple times over or juice up larger items like laptops – but what really sets this unit apart from others is its speed. The SuperTank’s four USB ports put out between 15 and 100 watts, meaning this charger can power up a MacBook Pro to 100 percent within an hour and a half via USB-C Power Delivery.

The SuperTank features four total connections for your devices: Two USB-A and two USB-C ports. These outputs let you power up multiple devices (up to two laptops and two mobile devices) simultaneously. The generous capacity means you’ve got more than enough energy with which to do it, too, with 27,000mAh providing about a whole week’s worth of usage before the SuperTank itself needs a recharge.

Although the initial Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign ended on March 6, you can still take advantage of early adopter pricing on the SuperTank (and its smaller sibling, the SuperPort 4). These discounts let you take 33 percent off the price of a SuperTank high-speed charger, bringing the price for one unit down to just $99 and saving you $50 off of its launch price of $149. You can save a little more by bundling it with the SuperPort 4, a smaller charger designed as a pocket-friendly companion to the SuperTank. As always, though, it pays to exercise caution when participating in a crowdfunded venture.

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