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The best arcade machines to give as gifts this holiday season

An arcade machine is one of those things that instantly make your house a bit cooler.

Arcade games can be fun to play on your own or have on hand in your game room when you’re hosting a party. While an arcade game can mean something with a larger cabinet that takes up a good amount of space in your room, you can also find some these days with a smaller profile that can bring all the fun of an arcade game to your home without taking up a ton of space.

If you’re thinking about gifting an arcade machine this holiday season there are some great deals to be had on them on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are a few of our favorite arcade machines that are worth taking a look.

Pacman Arcade Machine — $250

Everyone loves Pac-Man. This miniature arcade machine measures in at roughly 4-feet tall and offers commercial-grade construction and coinless operation, so there’s no need to keep a bunch of quarters around. The sides of the cabinet are decorated in the game’s original artwork, and a 17-inch LCD screen allows you to eat dots and battle ghosts in full color.

Arcade Classic Coffee Table — $1,264

Why buy an arcade machine that only plays one game when you can get one capable of playing 60? This arcade machine doubles as a cocktail table and includes a number of classic arcade games including Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Centipede, and Quix. Joysticks on either side of the machine allow you to play along with a friend, and a quarter slot gives you the option of turning the game into a money-maker as well.

Marvel Superheroes Arcade Machine — $250

Marvel fans will love this Marvel-themed miniature arcade machine. Measuring in at 4-feet tall, this machine includes three different games: Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men: Children of the Atom, and The Punisher. The machine features the original artwork from the games and a 17-inch color LCD screen.

Space Invaders Counter Arcade Machine — $150

If you don’t have a ton of space, then this Space Invaders counter-top arcade machine might be the perfect option. The miniature arcade machine offers a joystick and buttons similar to the full-size model but will fit on your counter or table. The console includes both the color and black and white versions of the game and has an 8-inch color LCD screen.

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