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Theragun Sale: Save up to $150 and support Feeding America by ordering now

The Theragun percussion massage gun company is helping people take care of themselves with massage gun deals and by providing meals to hungry Americans. Theragun, which was featured in Digital Trends’ Best Percussion Massage Guns, has partnered with Feeding America to donate funds to provide 100 meals to people who need them for each massage gun sold — and to encourage you to buy now, it’s discounted the best-in-class Theragun Liv, Theragun G3, and Theragun G3 Pro by up to $150, with financing available from as little as $17 per month.

Theragun Liv – $199 ($50 off)

The Theragun Liv, which the company calls the Essential model, is its most affordable percussion massage gun and the simplest to use. At 2.5 pounds, the  Theragun Liv is the lightest model and has an ergonomic design with three handgrips to make it easy to reach various body parts. The Liv has one speed with 16mm depth at 40 pulses per second (PPS) and a maximum 30-pound force. The internal battery runs up to 45 minutes per charge.

The Liv comes with two attachments, an AC battery charger, and a carrying pouch. Regularly priced at $249, the Theragun Liv is $199 for this sale. If you want a Theragun massage gun for personal use at the most cost-effective price, and to participate in the Feeding America program, take advantage of this excellent deal.

Theragun G3 – $349 ($50 off)

The Theragun G3 premium model has two speeds and comes in two colors, white and black. Weighing in at 2.7 pounds, the G3 runs for up to 60 minutes per charge with its internal Lithium-ion battery. The motor runs as the industry standard 40 PPS or at 27 PPS for more sensitive muscles. Attachments include a dampener for tender areas or close to bones, a standard ball for overall use, a thumb attachment for lower back and trigger points, and a cone to pinpoint specific muscles.

The Theragun G3 also comes with an AC charging adapter and a carrying case. Usually $399, the Theragun G3 premium massage gun is $349 during the Feeding America promotion. If you’re looking for a premium-level massage gun, this is a chance to buy the G3 at an attractive price.

Theragun G3Pro – $449 ($150 off)

The Theragun G3PRO professional-level massage gun is the most powerful in the company’s lineup, with a maximum 60-pound force. The G3PRO runs at two speeds – 40 PPS and 29 PPS – and has two removable batteries that can power the gun for a combined of 150 minutes. In addition to Theragun’s triangle-shaped multi-grip, the G3PRO has an adjustable arm that rotates to four positions for comfortable arm angles with your choice of grip.

Six attachments come with the G3PRO: a dampener for sensitive areas, a large ball for large muscle groups, a standard ball for overall use, a wedge for IT bands and shoulder blades, a thumb fo lower back and trigger point therapy, and a cone to pinpoint muscles. The Theragun G3PRO also includes two rechargeable, removable Lithium-ion batteries, an external battery charger, and a travel case.

Regularly priced $599, the Theragun G3PRO deal is just $449 during the Feeding America promotion. If you want to take care of your aching post-workout muscles with a professional-level massage gun, including a full set of attachments and two batteries, snap up the G3PRO at this discounted price and help feed disadvantaged Americans.

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