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4 things you should buy on Prime Day, and 4 things you shouldn’t

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As Prime Day deals roll around, you’re probably wondering what you should buy now and where you should wait until later to maximize your purchasing power on the things that are likely to have the best deals during Prime Day. Since we have quite a bit of experience dealing with sales events such as Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, let us give you a quick cheat sheet of the stuff you should be buying now and stuff you should be leaving until a little bit later.

What you should buy


Electronics always sell well during Prime Day, and laptops are the banner product under that category, making them absolutely perfect for picking up during Prime Day. While Amazon will certainly have a lot of great laptop deals, pretty much all big retailers, from Walmart to Dell, will likely have some amazing sales. As such, we encourage you to check out the best Prime Day laptop deals and Prime Day gaming laptop deals to find a curated list of the best deals across different retailers.


TVs are also a banner item when it comes to electronics, and if you’re in the Amazon system, then you’ll be happy to know that when Amazon announced its Prime Day 2022 dates, it also said that many of its products, especially Fire TVs, would go on sale for up to 50% off, which is excellent. That doesn’t mean they don’t have some great deals on other TVs, although you’ll find that overall, Best Buy will have much better Prime Day TV deals since they specialize in TVs while Amazon doesn’t.

Small Appliances

While not necessarily a big-ticket item when it comes to Prime Day sales, small appliances often get good deals during Prime Day, not just at Amazon. All the big retailers try and undercut Amazon, and those that specifically work with small appliances, such as Walmart or Best Buy, often have great deals to check out. While you’ll find many great Prime Day deals that involve small appliances, there are more specific Prime Day Instant Pot deals and Prime Day air fryer deals we can recommend.

Household Essentials

Again, these are not necessarily items that sell well during Prime day, but instead are things that always get lumped in with big sales events. That means it’s a great opportunity to stock up on these essentials, especially for non-perishable stuff that you can buy in bulk for a month or two ahead, which should save you a bit of money in the long run.

What you shouldn’t buy


Mattresses generally have specific times of the year when they go on sale, especially since they’re mostly sold by brick-and-mortar stores, which approach sales events differently than online-only stores like Amazon. While two of the best sales events for mattresses, Memorial Day and the 4th of July, have passed us by, there are still many great sales events coming up where you can buy mattresses. Primarily, you’ll want to focus on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, both great periods for grabbing a mattress. New Year’s Day is another great sales opportunity, as mattress companies tend to wind up for new product reveals and, as such, start offering significant discounts on their older stock.

Large Appliances

Much like mattresses, large appliances are more of a brick-and-mortar store game than an online retailer one, and therefore Prime Day isn’t the best time to grab them. Instead, you’ll want to focus on September and October since that’s around the time that manufacturers release new products and discount old stock. You’ll also likely find many great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday since they lead-off that period of the year where products are discounted.


Furniture is a bit more complicated since there are so many sub-types of furniture, and it all depends on when manufacturers release new items. For example, if you want indoor furniture, winter and summer are the best time since spring and fall tend to see new product releases, making the months leading up to them the best time for discounted indoor furniture. If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, summer is the best time, and more specifically, the 4th of July or Labor Day, and since the latter is coming up, that’s likely the best time to outfit your summer.


Clothing is another item that functions based on the whims of the companies that make them, so the best time to grab any clothes is during end-of-season sales, with the best seasons being both summer and winter as they have the largest switch in temperature and, therefore stores want to get rid of their stock for new clothes. White sales, which happen in January, are also a great period to pick up some clothes, as retailers try and encourage shoppers to come out and buy after the shopping frenzy of the previous months. Finally, you’ll probably find many great deals after major holidays, such as Black Friday.

With all the above being said, if you really need to grab something now, then you certainly shouldn’t feel bad doing it, especially if you really need it! It’s not always about getting the best bang for your buck, that only applies to those who can wait and don’t have an immediate need for an item right now.

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