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This 32-inch BenQ 2K Monitor is a no-brainer at $400 — save $100

BenQ EL2870U reviewn

If you want a big, beautiful, 2K monitor you have to spend thousands of dollars, right? Or at least a thousand? Wrong! While there are a host of ultra-expensive HD monitors on the market, there are also some affordable ones. Really affordable. Like the 32-inch PD3200Q DesignVue monitor from BenQ. Right now, it’s nearly $100 its regular price of $499. You can have a whole new perspective on everything your computer can throw at you for only $400.

This a professional grade, QHD 2K monitor that’s as ideal for scrolling through 10 open tabs as it is for gaming, and as it is for designing, if that’s your profession. See everything on BenQ’s PD3200Q monitor, which boasts 2K, 2560 x 1440 screen. It’s built with specially designed VA panel technology that provides higher contrast and deeper blacks. This monitor can show you every shade, whether you’re designing a presentation, or laying back to watch Netflix; it has you covered, and then some. This monitor boasts absolutely stunning color precision with 10-bit, 100% sRGB and Rec. 709. Additionally, BenQ has also equipped this monitor with a feature called CAD/CAM Mode. It offers superior contrast on lines and shapes of technical illustrations, so that if graphic or industrial design projects are part of your world, the smallest details can be brought into view. It’s like having the lab from CSI in your monitor.

It also has something called Darkroom Mode, which is absolutely ideal if you’re editing photos, or just want the best viewing experience for your personal images. It adjusts the brightness and contrast of images, making them clearer and sharper, and providing the best possible setting for your photos.

Something else with which BenQ has equipped this monitor: Its Intuitive Design Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Switch. This is an amazing function that lets you display and control the contents of two different PC system, using a single keyboard and mouse. The advantages here are huge for you and the efficiency of your work. You don’t have to unplug anything to switch between the contents of two PCs, nor do you have to toggle between them or bother with split-screen nonsense. You can manage your workflow, or better yet, manage your life between work and play, or work and home life, with more ease than ever.


We tend to invest mad money in our computing and then save the monitor as or an afterthought, but in the visual world, it makes sense that a monitor come first. Your games, design work, and even Zoom calls can have all the speed and accuracy in the world, but it won’t matter if your screen can’t handle it. This big, beautiful, 32-inch monitor from BenQ can handle anything. It’s already affordable, but with nearly $100 off, it’s a no-brainer. Right now it’s only $400, down from its regular price of $499.

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