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Never lose your phone or wallet again with the Tile Slim 4-pack ($78 on Amazon)

Tile Slim 4-pack
Do you have trouble keeping track of your stuff? While misplacing an item can be an annoyance, as well as a significant expense if you can’t find the item, a lost wallet or device can ruin much more than just your day if your personal information ends up in the wrong hands. If you’re looking for a way to ensure that your valuables stay within reach, then Tile has you covered with its line of low-profile Bluetooth trackers. For a short time, you can get a Tile Slim 4-pack of item finders for just $78 on Amazon.

Tile Slim 4-packThe Tile Slim is as thin as two stacked credit cards, and can easily slip into your wallet, phone case, or bag. Using the available adhesives, you can stick the Tile directly to the surface of your device. When it’s within range of your smartphone, you can use the phone to find the Tile by remotely activating one of four preset ringtones, or pressing a button on the Tile to make your smartphone ring so you can locate it even when it’s in silent mode.

The free Tile app for iOS and Android keeps track of your devices by remembering the last location and time that your Slim was detected, so that if something goes missing, you know right where to start looking. If the object is not where it was, then the large network of Tile users can help you track your stuff down. Once an item is marked as lost, every other Tile user’s tracker is automatically enlisted to search for your missing property, and will notify you immediately when it is located.

A single Tile Slim costs $25-30, while a four pack typically goes for $100 at most retailers, but for a short time you can score a Tile Slim 4-pack for just $78 on Amazon. For just $5 more, you can get a Tile Slim 4-pack with included adhesives if you want to attach the trackers directly to your devices.

$78 on Amazon

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