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Time is running out to get 3 months of Audible Premium for FREE

Today's Best Audible Prime Day Deal

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It’s the final day of Prime Day, which means you only have until midnight tonight to take advantage of all the great Prime Day deals on all things electronic from Amazon. This year, Amazon is offering three months of free access to Audible Premium for Prime Members during a limited-time Prime Day offer. The three-month Premium Plus free trial comes with one bestseller or new release of your choice each month and unlimited included audiobooks, Amazon Originals, and podcasts that are updated each week. Amazon even sends you an email reminder before your trial ends. You’ll have to act fast if you want to bag this amazing deal, as it ends at midnight tonight!

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Why you should try Audible Premium

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What is Audible you ask? Audible is one of the best audiobook apps available and Premium Plus members receive credit(s) for titles found in the premium section (one credit buys you one title.) You also get 30% off all additional premium selection purchases and access to exclusive sales with your Premium Plus membership. Though Amazon offers two different Audible plans, this special Prime Day offer is the equivalent to the $15 per month plan, which is what your account will be charged after your three-month trial ends. If you want to purchase more credits, you can easily do so from the Audible app or website.

The perks of Audible are extensive, and the app is super user-friendly. Simply hit “play” to stream your titles instantly from the app. If you’re traveling or in an area without reliable Wi-Fi, you can also download your saved titles to listen to offline. You can also follow the best podcasts, so you never miss a new episode. With thousands of original stories, audiobooks, meditation programs, sleep tracks, and more, there is something for everyone on Audible.

Now is the perfect time to give it a shot if you’ve never tried audiobooks. The best audiobooks have narrators that can make a story come to life and turn it into a beautiful depiction in your head. Audiobooks are great for busy people because most of us can’t find the time to sit down with a book and focus on reading. Audiobooks allow you to listen while you accomplish many of the tasks you have to do anyway, like driving, washing dishes, vacuuming, and others. Audiobooks are a great sleep aid; if you have trouble falling audiobooks can help with that and, on the other hand, can be fun for the entire family on a road trip. The possibilities are endless with audiobooks, and this deal from Audible lets you explore risk-free for three whole months.

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At this point, if you've never heard of Amazon Prime you're probably living under a rock because it is one of the largest ecommerce storefronts ever. But that's okay, all you need to know is that the online retailer's premium subscription comes with a boatload of great benefits and services. You might be a bit less familiar with Amazon Prime Video, though. Prime Video is Amazon's streaming service that competes with the likes of Netflix and Hulu, offering a wide variety of shows, movies, and Prime original series. There are a couple of ways to get Prime Video, but it's not free. However, if you're here, you're probably looking for an answer to the burning question: Is there an Amazon Prime Video free trial? We've got the answer, and more, below.
Is there an Amazon Prime Video free trial?
There is indeed an Amazon Prime Video free trial, but it's tied into the Prime free trial, which lasts for a month and may or may not be available to you. To see if you're eligible, you'll need to and check. The general rule is that the Prime free trial (and by extension, an Amazon Prime Video free trial) is available to Amazon accounts that have either never signed up for a Prime trial or have not had Prime -- either a trial or paid membership -- any time in the last 12 months.

The Prime free trial is usually for 30 days, similar to the Hulu free trial. If you're not eligible for the Amazon Prime Video free trial, though, then be patient: Sometimes, Amazon will sometimes offer free trials to its loyal customers, so if you have an Amazon account (but not a Prime membership) and shop on the site regularly, you might find a Prime trial offer sitting in your inbox one day. Often, though, these are shorter seven- or 14-day trials rather than the 30-day trial. Nonetheless, it's obvious that Amazon is a bit more generous with these trial periods than other services -- there's no Disney+ free trial or Netflix free trial, for example, but it's thankfully much easier to get an Amazon Prime Video free trial.

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