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Amazon slashes TomTom GPS prices ahead of Cyber Monday

Hit the brakes on overspending and make sure you’re staying on the right track with Amazon’s range of GPS deals from TomTom. With discounts up to 80% on a selection of  the company’s top-selling devices this Cyber Monday, get ready to hit the road with these great savings.

TomTom VIA 1525SE 5-inch GPS

On sale on Amazon for $90, save over 35% on the TomTom VIA 1525SE 5-inch GPS device with free lifetime traffic. Originally priced at $140, it’s a perfect choice for first-time GPS users thanks to its easy-to-use system, great quality and savings of over $50.

Always dreamed of hitting Route 66? Well, the TomTom Via 1525 5-inch GPS navigation device with free lifetime traffic is the perfect choice for you, thanks to its lifetime updates of the United States. Providing you with traffic information for as long as you have the device, you can avoid last-minute jams or travel issues when you download its free map features.

There’ll be no more missing your turning or ending up in the wrong lane at the last minute either, as this GPS device also features advanced lane guidance software that will indicate which lane you need to be in at key important junctions throughout your journey. All you have to do is select your destination using the search menu or map touchpoint system on the touchscreen and you’re ready to hit the road.

Car GPS navigation 5-inch display TomTom GO 52 with Wi-Fi

Have you always wanted to take a road trip outside of the U.S. but are worried about getting lost as you drive through Canada or Mexico? Well, then the TomTom Go 52 5-inch GPS navigation device is the right choice for you. With a discount of more than 25% off, Amazon has slashed the price of this top-quality GPS device to $117.

Unlike other GPS devices available to buy in the United States, the TomTom GO 52 provides users with lifetime access to maps across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the device allows you to receive accurate, precise and up-to-date traffic updates so you can plan your trips around last-minute travel incidents. The device will even make note of the routes you regularly take with its My Places function, so the more you travel to one location, the more accurate its travel predictions will become.

Far from just keeping you connected to Wi-Fi and traffic updates, the TomTom GO 52 navigation device can also help you stay connected to friends and family, all while making sure you stay safe and hands-free. By connecting your smartphone to the device, you can receive and make calls where ever you are and have your messages read out to you.

Not only can connecting your TomTom GO 52 GPS to your electronic devices keep you safely connected to friends and family while you’re on the road, but it also allows you to connect to the TomTom My Drive app. Allowing you to plan routes, check traffic and keep up to date on the latest travel information from your tablet, smartphone or PC, the My Drive app will start to load as soon as it connects to your TomTom. Using your smartphone’s data connection, an average of less than 10MB of data is used per month.

TomTom GO 620 6-inch GPS

If you’re looking for a device with a slightly larger screen, then the TomTom GO 620 6-inch GPS navigation device with free lifetime traffic and world maps is an ideal choice for you. Featuring real-time traffic updates from other drivers, the device is on sale for 40% off,  helping you save $100 on the price and letting you bring it home for $150 instead of the original $250.

The TomTom Go 620 6-inch navigation device is one of their fastest and most powerful GPS devices on the market and a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use system with maximum connectivity. Featuring built-in Wi-Fi, you will be able to download the latest software updates and have access to up-to-the-minute traffic notifications. With no need to connect to a computer, your device will give you access to map updates across North America.

It’s not just Wi-Fi this device can help you connect to. With completely hands-free calling, stay safe while you save and keep your phone out of sight by connecting your phone to your TomTom GPS via Bluetooth. A hands-free way to talk, the device’s high-quality speaker and microphone allows you to answer and makes calls, and it can also read messages aloud to you directly from your phone. Meaning you can stay up-to-date with friends and family without taking your hands off of the wheel or your eyes off of the road.

Looking to connect with your other software systems? The TomTom GO 620 6-inch GPS navigation device is Siri and Google Now compatible, giving you complete access to your personal assistant service while your phone is kept safely out of sight and out of mind. Connecting via the TomTom Go 620-inch GPS navigation device also means your phone battery won’t be used, so there’ll savings all-around when you add it to your Amazon cart.

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