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Eliminate bad smells with a deodorizing, touchless trash can from Amazon

touchless trash can
Nobody likes to deal with trash. The repugnant smell and the overall disgustingness of daily waste is enough to repel even those of us with strong stomachs. We try so hard to conceal it from our senses and pretend it doesn’t exist. Whether it’s shoving our trash under the sink, or slapping a lid on top of it, we do our best to avoid interacting with that nasty garbage.

The iTouchless Automatic Trash Can takes it a step further by removing both touch and smell from the equation. With a motion-sensing lid and a deodorizing filter, this touchless trash can will help add a few more degrees of separation between you and your waste.

One of the most irritating things about having a trash can in your kitchen is the smell. One minute, you’re happily chopping fresh veggies, and the next minute you’re catching a whiff of something foul. You could always try using scented trash bags or a heavy dose of Febreze, but that doesn’t solve the problem — it only covers it up. Thanks to an activated carbon odor filter, you can put a stop to those foul odors at their source without adding more smells to the situation.

Trash cans aren’t just a receptacle for bad smells, however — they are also a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria. The motion-sensing technology allows you to throw things away without laying a finger on those germ-infested surfaces. Just wave your hand in front of the sensor and the lid will open, then close as soon as you deposit your garbage.

If you’re tired of bad smells taking over your kitchen and having to touch your trash can, an upgrade might be just what you need. You can pick up the iTouchless Automatic Trash Can on Amazon for just $90 after a $50 discount.

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