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Want to learn to code? Udemy drops online coding courses under $13

There has never been a better time to learn to code. Virtually everything tech-related today – from our mobile phones to modern in-car computers to whatever device you’re reading this on – runs on code. And with increased automation looming on the horizon, programming is one of the few career fields that is not only expected to endure, but to actually grow. Which is why a discounted online coding course can be beneficial to anyone looking to pad their resume or start a new career.

There has never been a time when it’s been easier to break into the industry, either; online platforms like Udemy offer a myriad of low-cost courses to teach you everything you need to know, while self-publishing resources (think GitHub) make it easy to build up your own portfolio that you can use to find work. Whether you’re preparing to embark on a new career or are just looking for an exciting new hobby, here are six of the best online coding courses on Udemy to get you started:

Online Coding Courses Under $20

If you’ve started to explore coding as a casual undertaking or a potential career, you don’t have to run out and spend hundreds on books and courses you might end up leaving behind later or may just not have time for. These cheap, relatively short, beginner-friendly Udemy programming classes ring in at $20 or less (they’re currently all on sale for $11) and will give you a solid foundation upon which you can build your knowledge further once you’ve decided which coding path is right for you.

Coding for Beginners: You Can Learn to Code!

Udemy online coding courses

With no experience required, this course is the perfect place for a complete newbie to start learning to code. This 8-hour long Udemy class consists of 32 separate lessons which start you off with the absolute basics of coding and finish with you building your own app from scratch. You’ll learn the ins and outs of programming concepts and will get a start on learning one of a number of the most popular languages (such as Ruby, Python, or JavaScript).

Creative Coding: Learn Coding by Creating Art

Udemy online coding courses

Considering that code is used for mobile apps, websites, operating systems, and games, it’s safe to say that programming can be a very visual art. This 90-minute Udemy course lets you explore your creative side, teaching you some of the important artistic concepts of coding while giving you practical knowledge of how everything works behind the visuals. You’ll create your own art (both still and animated) and interactive “sketches” as you go, but as with the other introductory courses, no previous coding knowledge is required – just a little imagination.

HTML Coding for Beginners

Udemy online coding courses

HTML is practically as old as the internet itself and remains one of the most important things for any coder (web developer or not) to learn. HTML, which stands for “hypertext markup language,” is the basic blueprint for websites, and this Udemy class will have you building your own websites from scratch in no time. Its 8 newbie-friendly step-by-step lessons can all be completed in less than 45 minutes, and you can even do all of it using a simple text editor like Windows Notepad.

Comprehensive Online Coding Courses

After you’ve got some basic fundamentals down (or you’ve already decided you’re going to go “all in” on coding), the next step is to undertake more comprehensive programming courses. Coding is, after all, a broad and deep subject, with many different languages and fields open for you to explore; yet as daunting as it can seem at first, these lengthy online Udemy courses – all on sale right now for just $11 each – are a fine launching point.

Coding for Beginners

Udemy online coding courses

If you’re looking for a “shotgun approach” to learning coding, then this 16-hour course (consisting of $150 worth of material) is packed with good stuff. It’ll take you through the basics of five different languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and Python – languages that rank high among the most common and versatile tools in the world of programming today. You’ll also build some real-world experience using your newfound skills to build several working projects including a one-page website, digital clock, and number generator, among others.

C#: Coding for Beginners – A Hands-On Approach to Learning

Udemy online coding courses

C# is a powerful programming language and a must-have for working with Microsoft software (the language itself was created by Microsoft almost 20 years ago). This 6-hour Udemy class – a $190 value – will guide you through the fundamentals of C#, teaching you how to build, run, and debug applications within this framework. If you eventually decide to start a career as a programmer (especially if you want to work with Microsoft software), then C# is a must-have tool for your arsenal.

The Web Developer Bootcamp

Udemy online coding courses

This Udemy class might be the be-all, end-all of web development courses: 397 individual lectures offer just about everything you need to become a web dev, including in-depth tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, and much more.

You’ll use the latest cutting-edge tools to create real apps, browser games, landing pages, navbars, and other common website elements while mastering practical design considerations like page layout and UI. All of this is only a fraction of what this massive bundle ($190 worth of content) contains, so if you want to become a master web developer, this is the course for you.

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