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Charge your devices on the trail with the $13.50 Unifun waterproof power bank

Unifun waterproof power bank
Portable chargers and external batteries are a staple for those of us who are on the move a lot, but most are not built for use in rough outdoor conditions. If you require a charger that is tough enough to be your companion in the great outdoors, or if you already own one but it isn’t quite suited for hitting the trail, then the rugged Unifun waterproof power bank may be what you need. For a short time, Amazon is offering this portable outdoor charger for just $13.50 when you enter the coupon code 7KYUNRJU at checkout.

Unifun waterproof power bankThe Unifun U821 power bank contains a 10,400mAh internal battery which offers enough juice for roughly five charges for most standard-sized phones or around three charges for larger models. The battery is paired with dual USB ports for charging two devices at the same time. Four LED lights on the side of the unit give you a quick visual indication of when it’s running low, and the device can be fully charged in under seven hours for several days’ worth of power on the go.

The U821’s shock-resistant housing and IP66 dustproof and waterproof rating make it ideal for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity where a standard charger might not hold up. Its body is bright orange for easy visibility in case you drop it in tall grass, water, or other places where a dark-colored unit might be easily lost. The power bank also doubles as a high-powered LED flashlight which can provide six to eight days’ worth of light when the internal battery is fully charged.

The Unifun waterproof power bank normally costs $17, making it an affordable option for a rugged outdoor charger even at its regular price. You can now take $3.50 off with the checkout code 7KYUNRJU, bringing the price down to just $13.50 for a limited time.

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