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Amazon is having a Valentine’s Day smart home tech FLASH SALE

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you haven’t purchased your gift for your significant other, you should at least have a few ideas on what to get. If you still have no clue, then you might want to take advantage of Amazon’s flash sale on its smart home devices, which include smartwatch deals and Blink camera deals that may make for not just memorable, but also useful Valentine’s Day gifts.

There are a lot of options to choose from, so to help you decide on what to get from Amazon, we’ve rounded up some interesting choices to give your significant other for Valentine’s Day. They are the Blink Video Doorbell for $40, down $10 from its original price of $50; the Amazon Smart Thermostat for $48, down $12 from its original price of $60; and the Amazon Halo View fitness tracker for $65, down $15 from its original price of $80. These deals might not last long though, so if you see one that you like, you should finalize your purchase as soon as possible.

Blink Video Doorbell — $40, was $50

The Blink video doorbell expands Blinks line of smart home devices.

Blink, an Amazon-owned company, specializes in indoor and outdoor cameras, and it joined the video doorbell space with the Blink Video Doorbell. Once installed, either wireless with lithium batteries or wired with an existing doorbell setup, you can access its 1080p HD camera with infrared night vision and two-way audio to see and converse with whoever is outside your door. You’ll get alerts on your smartphone when the video doorbell detects motion and when someone presses the button, and you’ll also receive a 30-day free trial to the Blink Subscription Plan, which offers benefits such as unlimited storage for live recordings.

If your partner is always worried about home security, the Blink Video Doorbell will grant peace of mind. It’s currently available from Amazon for just $40, after a $10 discount to its original price of $50.

Amazon Smart Thermostat — $48, was $60

The Amazon Smart Thermostat hanging on wall.

The primary goal of the Amazon Smart Thermostat, which was developed with Honeywell, is to reduce your energy usage. It’s Energy Star certified, which means that you’ll be able to save an average of $50 on your annual energy expenses. After you purchase the smart home device, you will receive an email with details on the rebates that you may take advantage of from your area’s energy providers. In addition, the smart thermostat works with Amazon’s Alexa to automatically update your home’s temperature to keep you comfortable, though you also have the option of setting the temperature yourself from anywhere through the Alexa app.

For those who value thrift, the Amazon Smart Thermostat is a godsend as it will help save energy and money. You can purchase this smart home device from Amazon at $12 off, which lowers its price to just $48 from its original price of $60.

Amazon Halo View — $65, was $80

Person wearing the Amazon Halo Vview.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Amazon Halo View is a comprehensive fitness tracker that you can purchase at an affordable price. The daily metrics that it measures include your heart rate, the number of steps you’ve taken, and the amount of calories that you’ve burned. It can also track your activities, sleep, and blood oxygen levels, all shown on the device’s touchscreen. The Amazon Halo View comes with a 12-month Halo membership, which provides access to hundreds of on-demand workouts, personalized data and insights, and a growing library of programs that will help you discover the exercises that work best for you.

For significant others who are either health enthusiasts or just starting out with their fitness journey, the Amazon Halo View will be appreciated as a Valentine’s Day gift. The fitness tracker is available for just $65 on Amazon, as its original price of $80 was slashed by $15.

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