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Switch to the fastest internet in America for just $40 per month

Do you feel like you spend more time online than offline? It’s estimated that internet usage has increased by 70% as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, although it may seem like you’ve seen an even greater upswing in your household. With parents working remotely from home and kids in virtual classrooms all vying for bandwidth, your internet service has no doubt been pushed to its limits — or past them. If you’ve been experiencing lags or dropped video calls, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade your service. Verizon FIOS is the fastest internet in America (and one of our favorite internet service providers), and right now you can sign up for the company’s 100% fiber-optic service for as little as $40 a month, with several added incentives thrown in to sweeten the pot.

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For just $40 per month, you can get Verizon FIOS at 200 Mbps. Even though that may be the slowest FIOS option, it is still faster than the average speed in U.S. households, which, according to Speedtest is around 179 Mbps. Even better, Verizon is throwing in three months of Discovery+ for free, which is a great perk for those people who feel like they’ve streamed everything worthwhile to watch. Normally $7 per month, Discovery+ is Verizon’s real-life entertainment package that includes channels like Animal Planet, TLC, and Food Network, so you also get the added bonus of learning something new while you stream. Plus, Verizon mobile customers with Unlimited Wireless will receive $20 off their monthly bill.

If you have multiple members of your household streaming videos, playing online games, or videoconferencing simultaneously — or you simply want an even faster connection — Verizon offers two speedier options. For $60 per month, you can get FIOS at 400 Mbps. That’s twice as fast for just $20 more than the 200 Mbps package. Plus, you also get twice as many (six) free months of Discovery+! As with the 200 Mbps option, Verizon mobile customers with Unlimited Wireless get $20 off their monthly bill.

But if you want the fastest internet available, then the Verizon FIOS Gigabit Connection is the package for you. For $80 per month, not only do you get download speeds of 940 Mbps and upload speeds that are almost as fast, as well as 12 months of Discovery+ for free, but you will also receive a $100 Verizon gift card. Also included is your router rental and a free Stream TV device. And Verizon mobile customers with Unlimited Wireless will get not $20, but $30 off their monthly bill.

Verizon also offers a selection of TV service packages to bundle with your internet for even greater savings. But whichever package you choose, sign up soon to take advantage of these offers as they end next month.

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